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12 Cup Coffee Makers: Best 12 Cup Coffee Makers

12 Cup Coffee Makers


Some 12 Cup Coffee Makers to Consider:

12 Cup Drip Coffee Makers for Home: many models from which to choose; reasonable prices

12 Cup Thermal Coffee Makers for Home: these brew into the thermal carafes

12 Cup Grind-and-Brew Coffee Makers: this models both grind and brew the coffee in one machine

Bunn Pourover Coffee Brewers: commercial grade brewers with warmers and a pourover feature. These are less-expensive than the models that connect to a waterline. Available with 1 to 3 warmers

Bunn Automatic Coffee Brewers: these have warmers and connect to a waterline. Available with 1 to 6 warmers. Some also have a pourover feature

Bunn Airpot Coffee Brewers: these brew directly into airpots so that the coffee does not sit on a heated warmer and continue to cook. Available in pourover and automatic; single and dual

Bunn Thermal Coffee Brewers: these brew directly into either thermal carafes or thermal servers so that the coffee does not sit on a heated warmer and continue to cook. Available in pourover and automatic; single and dual

Fetco Extractor Coffee Brewers: all Fetco brewers brew into thermal servers

Curtis Pourover Coffee Brewers: available with 1 to 3 warmers

Curtis Automatic Coffee Brewers: available with 1 to 6 warmers. All feature Curtis G3 technology

Curtis Airpot and Thermal Brewers: Curtis has airpot and thermal brewers in pourover or automatic

Curtis ThermoPro Carafe Brewers: available in premium and economy, regular and decaf

Newco OCS Carafe Brewers: Newco actually makes many kinds of office coffee makers, but the OCS are great brewers for home or small offices

Grindmaster Pourover Coffee Makers: Grindmaster makes pourover brewers that brew into coffee pots or airpots

Grindmaster Automatic Coffee Brewers: available with 1 to 4 warmers; single or dual


When people "put on" a pot of coffee, they take some coffee grounds, put them in a coffee filter, fill the brewer with water and press the brew button. Then they wait while the brewer gurgles and the smell of fresh coffee emanates through the room. It's a classic ritual, played over millions of times every day.

The standard for a pot of coffee is 12 cups. A 12 cup coffee brewer makes 12/5 ounce cups of coffee, which equals 60 ounces - about a half of a gallon. Since most coffee cups are actually more than 5 ounces, most 12 cup coffee makers don't really produce 12 cups of coffee - it usually comes out to less than that. Nevertheless, 12 cups is the standard batch size for commercial coffee brewers and many home coffee makers.

There are many options for 12 cup coffee makers. As mentioned above, they can come in home or commercial versions. Also to be considered if what do you want to brew into. These days you can brew into a tradional coffee pot that sits on a warmer, or you can brew into and airpot, a thermal carafe of a thermal server. The coffee pot is the traditional choice, but, today, many people are opting for the airpot or thermal container because they keep the coffee hot without leaving it on a burner and continuing to cook it. Continued heat on coffee tends to change the chemical composition of the coffee and make it more bitter. Another issue with coffee that sits on a warmer is that the warmer must eventually be turned off - most commericial brewers do not have automatic warmer shu-off.

Great coffee is made by a combination of great coffee beans, good, clean water and great coffee equipment. If you don't have all 3, your coffee, and, therefore, your employees, customers and , therefore, your business, will pay the consequences. In the brewing process, brewing temperature, brew time, pre-infusion, good servers - these are the factors that make the difference between good coffee and great coffee.

Some things to consider when purchasing a 12 cup coffee maker:

• Home or Commercial Model - home models are cheaper; commericial models are made with higher quality materials and offer more control over the brewing process. Commercial coffee brewers can look too large in a home kitchen, however.

• Pourover or Automatic (hooks up to a waterline) - most all home 12 cup coffee makers are pourover. Automatic is a great option if you have a waterline available

• Volume of coffee your will serve - output ranges from a couple of gallons/hour up to 15 or so

• 110V or 220V - more power means more coffee, but many places only have 120V service available

• Do you want to brew into a traditional coffee pot that sits on warmers, or an airpot, thermal carafe or thermal server.