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Commercial Coffee Makers make a great addition to any business establishment. Your restaurant, business, office, or other commercial space needs a commercial coffee maker that can withstand the stain of near-continuous use and produce a perfect brew every time. Coffee, one of the most beloved beverages worldwide, serves as a part of many people’s everyday routines-we need that cup of Joe to get us through the day. Restaurant, cafe, and other customers demand high-quality, great-tasting coffee, whether it is their first cup of the day or an after-dinner indulgence. CoffeeMakersEtc has a wide range of commercial coffee makers and commercial coffee equipment from the top brands in the industry, including:

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support specialists are here to help you! Whether you choose to contact us by phone or email, chances are you’ll receive personal attention from CoffeeMakersEtc founder, Paul Ballenger. When is comes to providing the best customer service, Paul does not believe in cutting corners. Contact us for quick, easy solutions to your commercial coffee makers purchasing needs!

Commercial Coffee Maker News (Curtis Gold Cup Brewer)

The Curtis Gold Cup Brewer is one of the commercial coffee makers designed and built to the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) standards.

Customers increasingly expect a cup of coffee to be a work of art, rather than the traditional “cup of Joe.” One of the commercial coffee makers that is capable of meeting the growing market for a fine cup of coffee, the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer can brew two cups of coffee at a time, one per side, in 12-, 16- and 20- ounce portions.

An intuitive touch-screen with icons allows you to fine-tune brew time and temperature, pulsing and flavor extraction for even the most delicate beans. Firmware and software can be updated at any time by downloading from the manufacturer’s website to a USB flash device that can be plugged into the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer. A patent-pending brew cone has ridges to hold the filters away from the sides and bottom for the best flavor extraction. Siphon technology holds water at the perfect level so pre-infusion develops the full flavor of the roast. A pre-wet function washes paper filters free of any unwanted paper taste, while a standard hot water faucet allows you to warm cups and make tea. A pillow pack brew cone is optional.

Why Buy Commercial Coffee Makers from CoffeeMakersEtc?

  1. Great Selection - we only sell brands in which we believe, and our user-friendly site allows you to browse our great selection of commercial coffee equipment to find exactly what you need, fast.
  2. Low Prices - we are not always the lowest, but there is such a thing as getting what you pay for. We keep our margins as low as possible while still providing a positive buying experience.
  3. Great Service - we make the online experience intuitive and seamless. However, if you want to call us, we immediately answer the phone with no voice prompts or holding time. If we miss your call and you have to leave a message, we will call back within the hour. Contact us today at 866-883-8181 if you have commercial coffee maker product questions or require other information.

At CoffeeMakersEtc, we have a global clientele. For International Orders, email us through our Contact Us page, specifying your country and the commercial coffee makers you are interested in. A dedicated professional will promptly answer all queries and inform you if we can process your order. The CoffeeMakersEtc team also proudly supports our troops. With us, you can place commercial coffee maker orders tax-free. For shipping to an AP address, please Contact Us.

Why Choose Commercial Coffee Makers?

Coffee service has not only become a traditional part of the dining experience, but also an integral part of many workplaces. CoffeeMakersEtc carries countless commercial coffee equipment from reputable brands, like Bunn and Newco, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and output abilities to meet the precise needs of your establishment. Whether you head a large restaurant or run a budding neighborhood cafe, commercial coffee makers consume less energy than numerous in-home models. We make it easy for you to choose the right coffee makers, ensuring that you brew the best coffee around. From small companies to large cafeterias, CoffeeMakersEtc has the commercial coffee maker you need.

About CoffeeMakersEtc

With humble beginnings in 2001 as a small company selling cappuccino machines and mixes to convenience stores, CoffeeMakersEtc quickly evolved into the top leader in online sales of commercial coffee makers and grinders. We continually increase our product line, offering you only the best coffee and specialty drink equipment. When you purchase commercial coffee makers from us, we guarantee a positive buying experience and high-quality products. By relying on our customer service and impeccable reputation, we offer better savings to our valued clients, separating us from the competition.

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