Where art meets science and brews great coffee – 10 Reasons to Choose a Chemex Coffee Brewer

It sounds scientific – maybe because it was invented by a chemist – but it also is beautiful, artistic, and it brews great coffee. Why you should make your next coffee brewer a Chemex.

1. Pure – When you make coffee in a Chemex brewer, the water touches nothing but glass, the paper filter (get the unbleached filters) and the coffee grounds.

2. Hot – We get lots of calls from people who want to buy the brewer that brews the hottest. With a Chemex, you control the temperature, so the water can be as hot as you want it to be.

3. Basic – the process of brweing wih a Chemex reduces coffee brewing to it’s most fundamental level.

4. Beautiful – The Chemex has a beautifully classic, yet functional, hourglass shape.

5. Nothing to Turn Off – Not electricity is involving (except, mabe, in heating the water), so there are no worries about burning the coffee, your kitchen, or your house.

6. Better Coffee – The simple approach of brewing coffee the Chemex way means better, less adulterated coffee.

7. Easy Clean-Up – When you are done brewing, just take the filter containing the grounds out and throw it away. Rinse the Chemex or throw (don’t throw) it in the dishwasher.

8. Relaxing – Pour, Relax, Repeat – there is something beautiful and zen-like about pouring the hot water over the grounds, watching the grounds swell up with water, smelling the aroma rising up with the steam, then doing it again.

9. Conversation Piece – Having a Chemex sitting on your counter invites instant loqaucity and glee amounst friends and neighbors alike.

10. Reliable – Until you drop it and break it, there is nothing that can really go wrong with a Chemex brewer.

Please take the time to explore our Chemex products here.

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