We Want a Brewer That Brews Hot Coffee…

We often get emails from people wanting really hot coffee, and we don’t have a great, definitive answer for them. Coffee needs to be brewed at 195-200F in order to taste right – if you brew it hotter than that, it will taste bitter. All coffee brewers are designed to brew in that range, but the thermostats on any particular brewer will be a little different, so there is no guarantee that you will get a brewer that brews “hot.”

I would say that Bunn brewers probably have better thermostats than other brands, so their brewers would be more likely to brew at a good, high temperature. Bunn brewers have a hot water reservoir, which helps to insure that the water is the correct temperature (as opposed to heating-on-demand), but some people don’t like them because the brewer is always on heating the water.

If you want really hot coffee, you would probably want a brewer with a pot that sits on a warmer instead of one that brews into a thermal carafe, because the coffee in a thermal carafe will slowly cool in time.

I hope this information helps.

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