Bunn Iced Tea Brewers

Bunn invented the first iced tea brewer in 1978. Before that, many people brewed tea in coffee brewers, which resulted in the tea being contaminated with residue oils from the coffee. If tea was prepared on the stove in a large pot, it became a laborious process.

With the advent of the Bunn TL-3 and TL-6 (3 and 6 gallon brewers, respectively), people were able to produce tea in a dedicated brewer at the correct temperature (195-205F) and steep time (3-7 minutes). The hot tea was brewed into a dispenser that filled with ambient temperature water and the correct 5:1 ratio of ambient water to tea concentrate.

As iced tea has become more popular, Bunn Iced Tea Brewers have evolved to become more productive and stylish. Bunn now offers quick-brew, regular and low-profile models and can brew up to 26.7 gallons per hour. They also have included their infusion technology in a line Infusion Tea Brewers.

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