Coffeemaker Temperature Smackdown – Krups vs. Cuisinart

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) and National Coffee Association (NCA), the ideal temperature for brewing coffee is 195- 205. Most home coffee brewers brew at temperature well below that. Here’s how 2 pretty good brewers compare:

Chart – Krups vs. Cuisinart

Product Krups KM-4065 Cuisinart DCC-2200
RSP $99 $99
Power 1100 W 1025 W
Brewing Time (12 Cups) 8 minutes, 50 seconds 10 minutes, 46 seconds
Temperature at Brew Head at 4 Minutes 190F 186F
Temperature at Brew Head at 6.5 Minutes 195F 190F
Coffee Quality in Cup Very Good Average
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