Used Fetco Coffee Equipment Available

Below is a current list of used Fetco Coffee equipment we have available. All equipment is used, cleaned and tested. Please call (866-883-8181) or email for pricing. Coffee equipment is guaranteed to work upon delivery, and parts ware warrantied for 30 days.

Model Description
CBS-2018 Single Automatic Pourpot Brewer 120 Volts Extractor Series 13 and 18 A
CBS-2041e Single 1.0 Gallon Extractor Brewer
CBS-2042e Dual Extractor 1.0 Gallon Brewer
CBS-2052 Dual Extractor 1.5 Gallon Brewer
CBS-32Aap Dual Automatic Airpot Brewer 220 Volts
CBS-52H-15 Twin 1.5 Gallon Brewer
CBS-52H-20 Twin 2.0 Gallon Brewer
CBS-61H Single 3.0 Gallon Brewer Single Phase
CBS-61H Single 3.0 Gallon Brewer 480 Volts Three Phase
GR1.2 Single Hopper Grinder
GR2.2 Dual Hopper Grinder
ITD-30 3 Gallon Tea Dispenser
L3D-10 1 Gallon Luxus Dispenser
L3D-15 1.5 Gallon Luxus Dispenser (below average condition)
TBS-21A 3 Gallon Tea Brewer (add new dispenser $600) 120 Volts 18 Amps
TPD-15 1.5 Gallon Luxus Dispenser
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