The Advantages of Curtis Coffeemakers

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Bunn, the most well-known and popular brand of commercial coffeemakers and materials, is receiving competition from other companies. As the market and demand for commercial coffeemakers continues to expand and evolve, other industry players are increasingly gaining credibility and recognition. One such company is Curtis, with its headquarters in Montebello, California. The company has over 70 years of experience in the coffeemaker production industry. Curtis is multifaceted; in addition to coffeemakers, the company also manufactures tea brewers, specialty items like dispensers, grinders, and various miscellaneous equipments such as coffee pot warming plates.

The following list describes the benefits of some of Curtis’ commercial grade coffeemakers:

  1. Curtis manufactures many decanters. For instance, one model, the ALPHA1GT, is designed to work efficiently, quickly, and to preserve flavor. The device has a large LCD display screen, digital controls and an intricate internal control “brain” which is protected from heat and moisture produced by the appliance. When not in use, the model enters an “idle” state, which saves energy costs.
  2. Another type of commercial coffeemaker produced by Curtis is the thermal low profile (TLP) device. This model boasts a state-of-the-art digital control system, which again is encased and protected from various elements. In addition, the TLP has touch controls, temperature control options, and a hot water dispenser. Made of stainless steel, the coffeemaker can be easily cleaned.
  3. One of Curtis’ more sophisticated coffeemakers is the RU-1000, a high-volume commercial coffeemaker. This device features numerous automatic controls like refilling, closed lids that ensure that the coffee maintains its unique taste and smell, different operating source options like electric or gas, and a stainless steel body and tray. This coffeemaker can brew multiple blends at once, and its sophistication would be appropriate for use in a hotel or high-traffic coffee house.

In addition to commercial coffeemaker production, the Curtis corporation has numerous other endeavors. For instance, the company is committed to “going green.” Curtis prides itself on its environmental awareness, adhering to recycling and reusing methods. To reduce its carbon footprint, the company has implemented many eco-friendly procedures, such as storing information digitally when possible, reusing packaging materials, and using vegetable-based oil to maintain its manufacturing machines. For Curtis, protecting the environment is a passion that the company takes extremely seriously.

Furthermore, Curtis has established a fixed price, extended warranty program on its commercial coffeemakers and other products, which includes installation assistance. Under the program, the company helps to ensure that the commercial coffeemaker functions appropriately throughout the machine’s working lifetime. The program even offers emergency response services, where a technician will quickly diagnose the faulty commercial device, getting it up-and-running in an efficient, timely manner.

Despite its quality products and its commendable green efforts, some reviewers have criticized Curtis commercial coffeemakers. However, the positive feedback, which praises the equipment for its advanced technology, seems to outweigh the negative opinions.

The commercial coffeemaker industry continues to grow, and growth spurs increased competition. Although Bunn is a household, commercial name, Curtis is a fast-growing competitor dedicated to offering its customers unmatched services and excellent equipment.

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