Bunn Commercial Coffeemakers: Their Advantages and Drawbacks

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Bunn-O-Matic, a manufacturer of commercial coffeemakers, home brewers, and other accessories and equipment, is a commercial market leader. Headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, the corporation was founded in 1957. The company perfected the first commercial coffee brewer filters and the commercial pour over brewers. Bunn’s products are widely distributed nationally and worldwide, namely in Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The company produces three main commercial coffeemaker types: single serve models, self-serve series, and quick serve makes. In detail, the Bunn AutoPOD brewer is a commercial-grade single serve model. The appliance reduces waste by brewing one cup of coffee at once, but the device is still strong; it has the capacity to brew 16 ounces of coffee in one hour. In addition to its energy-saving features, the Bunn AutoPOD model is technologically advanced, automatically disposing of used pods after each brew. In addition, the appliance has a digital display, which can be easily programmed in either English or Spanish. Such programming offers the user additional control over brews. Adding to its simply usability, the Bunn AutoPOD is ready for use directly out of packaging, requiring no complicated setup. The model can also brew equally fresh-tasting tea, as well. Commercial single serve models are ideal for lower-traffic locations, like a company conference room or a small café. Some coffee aficionados may also use this device in one’s home, although the cost of commercial coffee equipment might seem high.

Bunn’s self-serve series are portable. Such designs are referred to as satellite models, and they are ideal for hotels, buffet restaurants, or corporate functions. Bunn’s Dual DH model is powerful, capable of brewing over 18 gallons of coffee an hour. Boasting numerous automatic functions, the internal heater automatically shuts down when the desired temperature is reached. The electronic interface controls the grinder, ensuring that the proper amount of coffee is ground for the intended brew. The user has the ability to manually configure the machine, determining whether the Dual DH produces large or small batches.

Although commercial coffeemakers might seem expensive, Bunn commercial coffee brewers are praised for their affordability. The company prides itself on supreme customer service. For instance, most models come equipped with extensive manufacturing warranties, ensuring that the commercial equipment functions properly. At the manufacturing plants themselves, Bunn implements strict quality control guidelines, allowing only high-quality products to reach consumers. Bunn commercial equipment is also renowned for its unparalleled customer service.

However, Bunn coffeemakers have some disadvantages. In 2005, some home coffeemakers were recalled due to potential fire hazards. In fact, many consumers complain that Bunn equipment experience numerous product recalls. When used in-home, Bunn coffeemakers also have drawbacks. The machines are not energy efficient because they remain running at all times. Additionally, if one powers down the device, there is typically a lengthy waiting period before the coffeemaker is again operable. However, positive reviews largely outweigh negative feedback, and both commercial and at-home models are renowned for their high functioning speeds. Despite their drawbacks, Bunn coffee brewers are a good commercial investment.

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