Commercial Coffeemaker Equipment and Accessories

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Commercial coffeemakers, designed for high-traffic use, are sturdy and durable appliances with numerous advantages for businesses. While Bunn is the leading manufacturer in commercial coffee brewers, other companies, such as Curtis and Newco, also produce quality devices. Regardless of the brand, commercial coffeemakers are made of stainless steel, adding a sleek look to the device. Aside from looks, stainless steel is also practical. For one, stainless steel allows for convenient cleanup. Perhaps more importantly, coffee brewer’s steel coating ensures that users do not incur burns while handling the appliance.

Commercial coffeemakers differ in shape, size, yield, and intended use. Likewise, commercial brewing equipment varies in design and capacity, ranging from seemingly simple coffee filters to sophisticated heating plates.

In addition to commercial coffee brewers, Bunn also manufactures home coffeemakers and coffeemaker equipment. For example, Bunn is renowned for its SRU coffee urn, which brews approximately 11 gallons of coffee an hour. The urn is compact and mobile, fitting comfortably on most standard counters. The device has an automatic drip, ensuring fresh-tasting coffee every brew. Made of 100% stainless steel, the SRU coffee urn is stylish and easily cleanable. In addition, the urn has advanced settings, such as the ability to brew at either half or full capacity. Such versatility eliminates waste by ensuring that one receives the desired amount of coffee.

Further, Bunn makes coffeemaker accessories and cleaning products, such as external sanitizer wipes and a grinder cleaner. The grinder cleaner is innovative, made of all natural products that are safe around foods. The grinder cleaner removes remnant coffee odors, eliminating lingering smells and ensuring fresh-tasting brews. Other accessories include commercial decanters themselves. Bunn decanters can hold 64 ounces of coffee, and its base is made of stainless steel. The container and handle are both sturdy, and are molded together to ensure long usage.

Other coffeemaker brands like Curtis also make different coffeemaker equipment and accessories. For instance, Curtis’ warmers, like the AW-3SR model, are made to keep coffee hot, fresh, and flavorful. Warmers are mobile, and one can place a warmer in a high-traffic area, like an office’s conference room, for additional coffee locations. The warmers are also compact, fitting neatly on most countertops. The AW-3SR series features a three-tiered coffee warmer system, specifically designed as a space saver appliance for smaller countertops. The series is only 21 inches deep, making it ideal for compact, busy areas around one’s office or café.

In addition to accessories such as decanters, Curtis also offers thermal servers. The CAP-1 thermal server, for instance, is vacuum sealed for freshness and cleanliness. The stainless steel and fully removable top allows for easy cleaning, and the thermal server is lockable, eliminating accidents and spills during handling. Curtis-made thermal servers also boast large, easy-grip handles, which allow for seamless transportation. For added personalization, one may choose the exterior wrap of the servers, which is made from heavy-duty, commercial plastic that nearly eliminates denting. Color choices include classic black or bold red. For a more commercial look, one might choose a stainless steel exterior.

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