Curtis Coffeemaker Equipment and Unique Advantages

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The Wilbur Curtis has over 70 years of coffeemaker expertise, today manufacturing commercial coffee brewers, tea brewers, dispensers, grinders, and other miscellaneous equipment. Wilbur Curtis is one of the main competitors of Bunn, the current commercial coffeemaker market leader. Headquartered in Montebello, California, the company has numerous advantages, such as a go-green program and online training and customer support. Perhaps most importantly, Curtis manufactures quality commercial coffee brewers.

Curtis commercial coffeemakers are sturdy, reliable, and efficient. For example, their high volume products are ideal for hotel, business, and restaurant professionals. The Curtis RU-225 model is a smartly-designed product coffee urn, which automatically refills during brewing. In fact, the device is completely automatic, with push-button controls for simplicity. The design can produce large quantities of coffee quickly and efficiently, and Curtis prides itself on this quality device. The Curtis RU-225 is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which is easily cleanable and reduces the possibility of accidental burns. The device comes with a two-year warranty for added protection and customer assurance. The three faucets are drip-proof, eliminating waste.

Curtis also manufactures many, commercial-grade coffee grinders. The Curtis ILGD model, for instance, has a sophisticated digital system, offering users control and quality assurance. The digital controls are located on the front of the device for convenience, allowing the product to be easily programmed. These patented control panels function for up to 10 years longer than mechanic interfaces, and are also easier to clean and maintain. The Curtis ILGD also has a digital readout display, producing the grind length for the user. Performing automatically, the control, when coupled with other Curtis equipment, has the ability to automatically brew coffee based on the grind settings, ensuring that one receives fresh, quality coffee each brew.

Moreover, Curtis takes waste control and environmental sustainability seriously. The company’s Curtis Green Initiatives view energy conservative as an environmental, company-wide responsibility. Curtis aims to reduce waste, recycle, and reuse material, from its manufacturing plants to its office locations. For machine maintenance, Curtis uses vegetable-based oils. In offices, the commercial coffee manufacturer uses fluorescent lighting and paper recycling to conserve energy and recycle products. In fact, when possible, the company reuses packaging material and uses eco-friendly packaging to ship its products.

In addition to environmental awareness, Curtis is also renowned for its online training and technical support programs. This tech training is available year round, 24 hours a day. Such training is cost effective because it eliminates potentially expensive transportation costs, such as fuel and lodging. Because the service is available 24 hours per day, technical support is available, even during non-business hours. During the training process, students receive test results online, and have the ability to repeat courses as needed. Training offers one an extensive knowledge of commercial coffee brewers, including proper installation, plumbing, electricity wirings, and brewing sequences.

Despite their top-quality products, go-green efforts, and online training options, Curtis coffee equipment has negative drawbacks. However, positive feedback on supreme customer service, fast-acting commercial products, and energy conservation trump negative reviews.

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