Newco versus the Competition

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Newco Enterprises Inc has 30 years of experience in the commercial coffee and tea brewing industry. Newco is based in Saint Charles, MO, where it manufactures its goods, offers training courses, and boasts unique customer support services. Bunn-O-Matic is the leader in commercial coffee brewers nationally and internationally, although Newco devices, both commercial and home models, rival the competition. Bunn is renowned for its high-quality products, enhanced customer service, and reliability. However, Newco is rapidly expanding in the commercial coffeemaker industry, and has a more personal, small-business appeal. Newco specializes in Office Coffee Service (OCS), and many of the company’s products are specifically designed for in-office use.

For starters, Newco offers personalized consultations with customers. A business visits Saint Charles, where Newco is committed to learning more about the guest company, aiming to better serve the client. One can attend commercial coffee brewer technical service seminars, repair and refurbish classes, the advantages of commercial branding, and how-to courses on commercial coffeemaker marketing strategies.

Newco offers numerous personalization and customer service options. Onsite, the company can repair products within the scope of one’s warranty, and even remanufacture an older model or faulty product. For repair, Newco technicians completely dismantle the coffee brewer, rebuilding the valves and other critical controls. Also, the technicians replace any needed faulty parts. The company recommends that a coffee brewer’s thermostat is replaced every three years.

Regarding personalization, one can customize a Newco coffee product with labeling. For instance, Newco allows the customer the option to place logos on a preferred location, usually where the label can be easily seen. Newco labels come in a variety of sizes, and the company can produce hundreds of labels if needed on numerous larger, commercial grade brewers. Private labels are critical because they convey important messages to consumers regarding a company’s message. In fact, the brewer itself should effectively reflect the company at large. Labeling also protects products from possible theft. One has the option to design custom labels, although Newco has templates for messaging. Labels may be applied during manufacturing, or the customer can apply the labels when the product arrives.

Another benefit of Newco is its innovative testing lab, which began operation in 2010. This lab brews over 1,500 cups of coffee per day, and aims to reproduce real-life situations. Such simulated brewing conditions verify that Newco’s commercial products function as designed, ensuring customer satisfaction.

One Newco commercial coffee brewer is the Ace Series, a compact yet sturdy coffeemaker. The Newco Ace Series is made of stainless steel, allowing for convenient cleaning maintenance and a sleek appearance. The sophisticated brewing system includes a water detection level, a brewing light that flashes when the device is in use, and a regulated hot water system. Because of its versatility, the Ace Series is one of Newco’s most sought after products. The Newco Ace D commercial coffee brewer model ensures freshly-brewed coffee each use. The model is easily installed, and boasts sophisticated flow control. Because the Newco ACE D is largely automatic, the appliance stops brewing until the device reaches the desired temperature.

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