Comparing Name-Brand Coffeemakers

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The Bunn Corporation, an Illinois-based company, is a household name for both commercial and home coffee brewers. This company has a worldwide reach, with offices in Canada and Europe, among others. In addition to coffeemakers, Bunn also manufactures numerous other products, such as tea brewers, water filtration systems, and coffee filters. Critics praise the coffeemakers for their efficiency and long lifespan.

As stated, Bunn is a popular producer of commercial and home coffeemakers. Commercially, Bunn specializes in numerous coffee equipments, including automatics, satellite systems, pourovers, urns, and airport systems. One airport system, the ICB Twin series, brews over 18 gallons of coffee an hour. The machine is designed for non-stop usage. However, the coffeemaker enters an idle state when not in constant use, conserving energy. The ICB Twin series has a digital display for easy customization and usage, which can be programmed in either English or Spanish. In addition, the airport system displays status updates and even advertising messages, if desired.

A popular and affordable Bunn at-home model is the NHBB coffeemaker. This device is sleek and sophisticated, and is one of Bunn’s classic quick-brewing machines. The NHBB makes 10 cups of coffee in approximately three minutes. Designed of stainless steel, the model can be left on continuously, ensuring that hot water is always available for brewing. The coffeemaker has a lighted on/off switch, and boasts a porcelain warming plate.

Despite Bunn’s popularity, other coffeemaker manufacturers also make state-of-the-art equipment. One such company is Curtis, which has over 70 years of equipment production experience. In addition to commercial coffeemakers, Curtis is versatile, producing tea brewers, grinders, and coffee accessories. The company strives for environmentally-friendly products and packaging, and offers unparalleled customer service.

Further, Curtis manufactures commercial specialty drink machines, like the Expressions Cappuccino machine. This device is digitally controlled, ensuring precision over brewing and dispensing options. The automatic features are user friendly, and one can choose from small, medium, or large yields by simply pressing a button. The product comes equipped with pre-programmed factory settings, allowing for easy installation and instant usage. With an LCD display and stainless steel body, the Expressions Cappuccino machine is easy to operate and clean.

Concordia Coffee Systems is a relatively new company, founded in 2004. Despite this, the company has quickly expanded, specializing in commercial espresso systems. Half of the company’s sales are international, exporting products to the UAE, Australia, and England. Concordia prides itself on its reputation of manufacturing high-quality and innovative products, all of which are produced and tested in the United States. With its stringent quality control policies, Concordia strives for customer satisfaction, making high-quality, long-lasting products.

One Concordia commercial espresso system is the Xpress 6. This device works quickly to produce over 800 café-quality beverages, like lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, espressos, and even iced drinks. This highly sophisticated machine boasts and easy-to-use touchpad, and even first-time users can make quality drinks without any professional training. A one-of-a-kind machine, the Xpress 6 uses patented technology to infuse the desired flavor directly into the milk.

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