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Founded in 1941, the Wilbur Curtis Company is celebrating 70 years in the commercial coffeemaker industry. Curtis is based in Montebello, California, and is a reputable player in the highly competitive coffee brewer industry. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction, innovative coffeemaker designs, customer support, and environmental protection.

When purchasing Curtis coffeemakers or other brewers, one can opt for different warranties. These “Curtis Care” packages include fixed-price options, ranging from installation to extended factory warranties that protect one’s equipment throughout its lifespan. For instance, under the “Curtis Care Installation” service, Curtis technicians deliver and install industrial equipment, including all necessary installation parts. With this plan, professionals also train one’s personnel staff, teaching them how to properly use the coffee equipment.

Other warranty plans include preventative maintenance, where a product is kept up-to-date with the latest model specifications. This plan is flexible, and may be purchased by any existing Curtis-registered customers or those with a new account and a valid credit card. Services include regular maintenance visits from a Curtis technician, who will perform any necessary adjustments and inspections. If the coffee brewer requires repair, the Curtis professional will mend the machine, although the price of any replacement parts is not included.

In addition to extensive customer support and warranties, Curtis also has made a commitment to “go green.” As an environmentally conscious company, Curtis views environmental protection as a passion rather than an obligation. The company’s green efforts encompass all aspects of the corporation, from in-office awareness to warehouse improvements. In order to reduce its carbon footprint, Curtis has replaced many fluorescent lighting with sky lights, and has implement motion light sensors in offices and factories. The company is largely paperless, instead opting for electronic filing and communications. Furthermore, packaging boxes are made from recycled materials, and the company reuses incoming packing material, like Styrofoam, in outgoing shipments.

Curtis’ “green team” is a group of employees who monitor the sustainable efforts in the company’s offices, warehouses, and factories. This team ensures that the environmentally friendly practices are properly implemented and adhered to. In the future, Curtis plans to reduce its carbon footprint even more. As the company grows and expands, Curtis is constantly seeking new ways to protect the environment.

Namely competing with Bunn and Newco, Curtis strives to develop efficient and innovative products. For high volume and hotel use, Curtis’ RU-150 model is an automatic coffee urn. Designed for constant use, the machine automatically refills during brewing to ensure that the flow of coffee remains constant. The closed lid brewing design ensures that the produced coffee is fresh, with a strong aroma. The machine can operate on steam, electric, or gas supplies, and the device and its filter basket are made of stainless steel for easy cleanup.

For lower volume needs, Curtis also manufacturers decanters. These appliances have digital controls, allowing one to monitor all critical functions. The coffeemakers are also protected from heat, moisture, and steam, ensuring the safety of the appliance and the quality taste of the resultant brew.

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