The Growth of Newco Commercial Coffeemakers

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Although Bunn commercial coffeemakers are a household name, numerous competitors make high-quality and innovative products as well. For instance, Newco, based in Saint Charles, MO, specializes in commercial coffee brewers. Unlike Bunn, which manufactures at-home products as well, Newco mainly caters their products to the Office Coffee Service (OCS) and other food service industries.

In the last 30 years, Newco has become a leader in the OCS industry, developing innovative coffee brewers and offering unique services. Although expansive, the company markets itself as approachable and personal, providing customers with personalized attention. Because each customer is unique, Newco designs products to meet different and vast commercial needs.

In addition to industrial-grade coffeemakers, Newco also produces tea brewers, cappuccino machines, and dual tea and coffee makers. The company manufactures numerous accessories for their different products, like coffee dispensers. Finally, Newco is involved in the vending machine industry, making it a versatile and highly respected company.

Newco offers unique ways for customers to connect to and grow from the parent company. For example, one can personally visit Newco headquarters, allowing representatives to learn about one’s company and individual needs. Newco offers training classes, where a company’s technical support team can learn tools and methods for repairing or maintaining Newco equipment from Newco technicians. Although Newco prides itself on its innovation, the company is committed to customer service and knowledge sharing. Other classes include repair and refurbish courses, where technicians can learn how to modernize older Newco models or repair faulty machines.

While onsite at Newco, one can meet with the company’s graphics team. Through proper marketing, the graphic design department can ensure that one’s brand is effectively displayed on the coffeemaker equipment and general beverage presentation. The graphics team can also help one to develop an image or logo.

Unique in the industry, Newco has a state-of-the-art, onsite testing lab. This lab, launched in 2010, simulates different customer scenarios. In this way, Newco tests its high standards, ensuring that its equipment performs as expected. Customers can tour the facility, which is an innovative customer service center offered by the company. The facility is fully staffed, and brews over 1,000 cups of coffee in differing situations each day.

Of late, Newco has released several new products, such as water coolers, tea concentrations, and numerous coffee accessories. Notably, Newco developed the Bistro Series, a line of products that brew cappuccinos and other specialty drinks. These appliances are recommended for offices or customer events. Completely automatic, the Bistro Series has an auto-rinse feature, ensuring that each brew tastes fresh. However, the coffee brewers can be manually controlled, allowing the user to select the desired temperature and beverage strength.

Another newly-released Newco product is the Coffee Companion. This commercial product enhances the flavor of coffee with additives such as creamer, sweetener, or sugar. At the touch of a button, the machine dispenses the desired additive. Designed for placement next to a Newco coffee brewer, the Coffee Companion creates a “flavor station.” Through such new products, Newco continues to expand in the coffee industry.

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