Why the Bunn Corporation Outshines the Competition

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The Bunn Corporation, based in Springfield, Illinois, was founded by George Bunn in 1957. The company mainly specializes in commercial coffee equipment, although Bunn has a wide range of home coffeemakers as well. In 1972, the company introduced the first commercial-quality drip coffee brewer, specifically designed for in-home use. Priding itself on science, innovation, and customer service, Bunn coffee equipment ensures a quality brew.

However, the company does not only produce coffeemakers. Inventor and founder George Bunn developed the first paper coffee filter. In addition to coffee filters, Bunn also manufactures commercial tea brewers, coffee grinders, specialty drink machines, and accompanying accessories for their product lines.

Bunn is also an environmentally-friendly company, supporting and promoting sustainability. The company recognizes that any business has an environmental impact. Therefore, Bunn has implemented the “Respect Earth” program, which aims for environmental preservation. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, Bunn offices and production centers work closely with local utility companies. To conserve energy, the company has enacted simple yet effective methods and energy-saving efforts, such as installing fluorescent lighting, powering down computers at the end of the work day, and using some biodiesel in fleet trucks.

Bunn products are also designed to conserve energy through LED lights and power save modes. Bunn also packages its coffeemakers in biodegradable cardboard, eliminating Styrofoam when possible. The company also takes recycling seriously, even encouraging employees to recycle at home. Materials like paper, cardboard, plastics, and even biodegradable cleaning supplies are recycled onsite.

The company further prides itself on unparalleled customer service, especially for commercial coffeemaker equipment. All products come equipped with an extensive warranty, and one can have a Bunn professional install industrial equipment. The company offers comprehensive coordination efforts so that one can properly plan for delivery and installation dates. A certified technician can also perform preventative maintenance on one’s equipment, ensuring that the machines perform as expected and last their entire lifespan. During onsite surveys, Bunn technicians can even assist in the planning process by understand the store layout and operation. Such services are offered at a flat rate, which eliminates multiple bills. Finally, Bunn professionals are available each day, at any time, offering the owner quick and timely technical support.

Bunn is renowned for its superior commercial products, and the company offers equipment solutions to meet different customer’s needs. For instance, a small café might invest in the SmartWAVE airport coffeemaker, which brews approximately 4 gallons of coffee per hour. The airport system allows for easy transportation, keeping coffee fresh and hot for hours. In addition, the SmartWAVE coffee brewer makes fresh, high-quality coffee each use, and the appliance even boasts a hot water faucet.

Larger companies, like hotels or restaurants, might need a higher-capacity coffeemaker. The BrewWISE satellite system is also portable, ideal for serving coffee by the cup. The machine can yield nearly 19 gallons of coffee an hour. The device is easily programmed, and can store coffee recipes, allowing the user to brew different blends when needed. With stainless steel models available, cleanup is relatively easy.

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