Bunn Commercial and Home Coffeemakers: A Comparison

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The Bunn Corporation is a leading manufacturer of both home and commercial coffeemakers. Home-based in Springfield, Illinois, the company introduced the first automatic drip coffeemaker in 1963. Bunn is also renowned for its paper, fluted coffee filters, which were invented by George Bunn. The company is still family-operated, and the current CEO is Arthur Bunn. Although its products are mainly designed for commercial use, Bunn also manufactures in-home machines. In 1972, Bunn entered the home market, offering consumers commercial-quality coffee brewers specifically designed for use in one’s home.

One of the major differences between at-home and commercial grade coffee brewers is yield. For example, Bunn specializes in 10 cup or single cup brewing machines designed for in home use. The Velocity Brew NHBB models, for instance, brew 10 cups of coffee at once. The NHBB is a conventional, yet fast-acting coffee brewer where water is maintained at an ideal temperature in an internal tank. This allows the machine to brew at any time, producing 50 ounces of coffee in about three minutes. The unique spray head ensures even coffee ground extraction, which enhances the flavor of the brew. The Velocity Brew is designed to remain on so that the coffee brewer is always conveniently functional. The lid swivels for simply water introduction, and the model is available for high altitude use. In addition, the coffeemaker boasts a lighted power switch and a porcelain warming plate.

Bunn also specializes in at-home, single-cup coffee brewers. Their most popular model is the My Café series, which brews one cup of coffee at a time. The spray head is designed to ensure optimal flavor, and one can adjust settings and brew stronger coffee. Acting also as a tea brewer, the My Café model is fast acting, brewing either coffee in about 30 seconds or tea in about one minute. Lastly, the coffee brewer is relatively affordable.

While Bunn at-home models gain popularity, the company is more widely known for its commercial coffee brewers. These machines yield more coffee in less time when compared to home models, and they are more expensive. Commercial coffee brewers are designed for high-traffic areas like businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, airports, and college cafeterias, among others. Bunn particularly specializes in commercial single serve models, classic automatics, satellite systems, and airport systems.

Specifically designed for use with Bunn’s ThermoFresh servers, the ICB Twin satellite system is portable yet powerful. For example, the ICB Twin coffeemaker brews approximately 19 gallons of coffee in one hour. The large tank is designed for back-to-back or constant brewing, allowing the machine to meet the demands of high-traffic businesses. The ThermoFresh servers are portable, and brewed coffee can easily be transported to other locations. The ICB Twin satellite system has three different brewing buttons for different coffee making profiles. Additionally, the coffeemaker has two different batch switches. The ICB Twin system can brew either half or full batches, depending on demand. The machine can also automatically determine the pulse routine. Finally, the satellite system has an energy saver mode to conserve resources.

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