The Evolution of Concordia Coffee Systems

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Based in the United States, Concordia Coffee Systems is a leading manufacturer of commercial espresso coffee brewers. The company was founded in 2004, and has quickly entered the world stage. Fifty percent of Concordia Coffee Systems sales are international, with their main customers in the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Australia. The company specializes in self-serving espresso machines and related equipment. Despite their relatively new formation, Concordia Coffee Systems is an innovative company. For example, Concordia Coffee Systems developed and patented fully automatic espresso machines that combine coffee grinding, coffee brewing, and milk steaming. This one-step process completes quickly, and the user does not have to move the cup or program the espresso machine.

Additionally, Concordia Coffee Systems prides itself on innovation leading to a high quality end product. The company is renowned for its reliable espresso products. With precise engineering and a commitment to detail, Concordia Coffee Systems believes that reliability stems from solid designs. Before consumer release, each espresso machine is tested in order to meet—and hopefully exceed—the company’s high standards. To ensure safety and quality, all Concordia product lines are certified by the NSF. The company also boasts one of the largest customer service departments in the commercial coffeemaker industry. Concordia Coffee Systems prides itself on timely customer complaint response times and quickly repairing or replacing any faulty espresso equipment.

Furthermore, Concordia Coffee Systems products are used by numerous, commercial industries, ranging from hotels to restaurants. The company’s world-class, quality commercial espresso machines are sophisticated yet simple to operate and require only brief training. Striving to surpass competition through innovation, customization, and customer support, Concordia Coffee Systems has built not only quality products, but also a strong reputation in less than a decade.

In order to meet the needs of various customers and businesses, Concordia Coffee Systems manufactures a wide range of commercial espresso makers. These products vary, and are ideal for moderate to high volume locations. Some of the espresso systems are designed for constant, self serve operation, which might be ideal for hotels or diners. Each Concordia Coffee Systems machine is complete with all needed components, and their innovative touch-of-the-button technology allows one to brew espresso easily and quickly. In less than one minute, Concordia Coffee Systems brewers can grind coffee beans for an espresso shot or steam cold milk for cappuccinos, lattes, or American coffee. The products are versatile, capable of producing numerous coffee beverages in one device.

For example, the company’s Xpress 6 model is the quickest espresso machine available. The Xpress 6 automatically mixes six different syrups into the milk, thus producing a unique and quality beverage. Boasting a broad menu, the Xpress 6 can brew over 850 beverages, including iced drinks. These café-quality beverages range from espressos, mochas, hot chocolate, chai lattes, and steamed milk for flavor. The espresso machine boasts an easy-to-use touchpad and a digital display. In this way, the machine does not require special barista training. The Xpress 6 model is compact, which makes the machine versatile.

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