Zojirushi: A Top Player in the Commercial Coffeemaker Industry

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Although Bunn is perhaps the most recognizable name in the commercial coffeemaker industry, Zojirushi is also a well-respected commercial coffeemaker manufacturer. Founded more than 90 years ago in Japan, the company first manufactured glass lined, insulated vacuum bottles. Zojirushi prides itself on innovative technology, allowing the company to offer luxury, efficiency, and comfort to consumers worldwide. Aside from coffeemakers, Zojirushi produces high-quality products, ranging from outdoor thermoses, easy-to-use rice cookers, efficient water boilers, and its benchmark water bottles. Zojirushi targets three main business areas: appliances, food and beverage storage, and accessories for both home and commercial use. The company strives to offer affluence and to improve customer’s lifestyles through their innovate, state-of-the-art products.

For commercial use, Zojirushi specializes in tea and coffeemakers and related products. The company’s industrial beverage dispensers are durable, high-quality products, commonly used in hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls. Some Zojirushi commercial coffeemakers come equipped with a powerful design, allowing them to run in 24 hour shifts.

For instance, the Thermal Gravity Pot coffee and tea dispenser enables beverages to stay fresh for hours after brewing. As the product’s name suggests, the Thermal Gravity Pot utilizes gravity when dispensing coffee, limiting oxidation that might affect the taste of the brew. The coffee dispenser boats a stainless steel liner, offering unparalleled heat retention. The liner, which is vacuum sealed, adds additional durability to the coffee dispenser. In addition, the base of the product is detachable, and can be used for serving the coffee brew. The exterior body of the Thermal Gravity Pot is made of durable plastic, which is resistant against scratches, dents, or other damage. In order to utilize numerous pots simultaneously, each coffee dispenser has a fold down handle and a nametag holder. For easy cleanup, the product also boasts a removable and washable drip tray. In a 24 hour period, the Thermal Gravity Pot can maintain a constant temperature of 145°F, ensuring high quality coffee.

Zojirushi also manufacturers heavy-duty satellite coffee servers. The SGC-40 model has an unbreakable, stainless steel construction, protecting a consumer’s investment. For additional protection, Zojirushi offers a five year warranty on the product. The server is designed for compatibility, fitting most commercial coffeemakers. The SGC-40 ensures that coffee remains hot and fresh all day, verifying customer satisfaction. In addition to the stainless steel construction, the model also boasts a protective lid to limit oxidation. For further insulation, the The SGC-40 has a vacuum liner made of durable stainless steel. The product is compact so that it can be easily transferred and moved. For up to 10 hours, the SGC-40 keeps coffee piping hot.

Specifically designed for hotel and hospitality use, Zojirushi’s thermal serve carafes retain heat because of their innovative glass liners. For example, the AH-PB10A carafe model boats a one touch pour feature for easy serving. The product is sleek, available in classic black or stainless steel. The product is also versatile and is compatible with numerous brewing attachments. Although designed for commercial use, the product is also suitable for use in one’s home.

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