Crathco and Cecilware: Drink Machines for Frozen Drinks

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Marketed under numerous brand names such as Crathco, Cecilware, and Grindmaster, the Grindmaster-Cecilware Corporation was founded in 2009. The parent company prides itself on its innovative products, which range from commercial coffee brewers, coffee grinders, frozen drink machines, and foodservice equipment. Grindmaster-Cecilware has a combined 100 years of experience, and the company caters to the food and beverage industry worldwide. However, the company also makes products, like coffee grinders and coffee machines, for in-home use. The company prides itself on its strong reputation and its ability to constantly evolve to meet ever-changing customer needs.

For commercial frozen drink dispensers, Grindmaster-Cecilware offers numerous and reliable machines. For one, the Crathco Barrel Freezers are designed to entice customers and enhance sales. Their patented lighting system illuminates the frozen product, and this eye-catching feature draws the attention of potential customers. The line is designed for constant use because the products’ reservoir continually replenishes the frozen beverage in the barrel. Lights indicate when the user needs to refill the reservoir to ensure constant beverage production. In addition, Crathco Barrel Freezers are versatile and can produce numerous frozen beverages, like shakes, smoothies, cocktails, slush drinks, and lattes. The products are designed for long-lasting, commercial use due to their steel frame and heavy-duty components.

For example, the Crathco Barrel Freezer 3312 Model is capable of making countless frozen drinks, from cappuccinos to lemonade. Companies can opt to purchase a custom-made, illuminated beverage sign for the machine that will draw customers’ attention to the product. The 3312 Model is surprisingly compact, measuring only 18.5 inches wide. The machine is largely automatic because the freezer cylinder refills from the refrigerated storage hopper. When the beverage mix in the storage hopper is low, an easy-to-read “mix low” light illuminates. The device is also reliable, and Crathco promises perfectly dispensed products under any operating settings. With quality components and a strong belt drive, the freezer is designed to continuously run.

Grindmaster-Cecilware also manufactures Cecilware frozen drink machines. For example, the FrigoGranita Dispenser line boasts products with a suction cup, tight seal, which separates the granita product from the vital mechanical motors. The products also have dual freezing chambers that freeze the beverages effectively and quickly. In addition, the FrigoGranita Dispenser line is designed for 24 hour use, making it versatile and efficient. Finally, the beverage mode can be adjusted between slush and cool.

One FrigoGranita Dispenser line model is the NHT2UL. The NHT2UL Model boasts the suction cup seal feature described above to keep beverages frozen and fresh. The machine is made from 300 grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and easy cleanup. The device also has a 24 hour defrost timer and a dual freezing chamber. These freezing chambers allow operators to brew two different frozen beverages at once. The freezing level can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the intended frozen drink. In addition, this frozen drink machine has lit graphics that highlight the equipment, making it eye-catching for consumers. Finally, the NHT2UL Model has multiple uses and can produce a wide variety of frozen drinks.

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