The Benefits of Grindmaster Coffee Grinders

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The Grindmaster-Cecilware company was founded in 2009 through the merging of two successful commercial coffeemaker manufacturing companies, Grindmaster corporation and the Cecilware Company. In 2011, the parent company will celebrate 100 years on the commercial coffeemaker stage. The company has produced numerous and innovate products, which are distributed globally. Grindmaster-Cecilware targets the food and beverage commercial industry, although some coffee aficionados also use these products in their homes. Today, the company has built a strong reputation for its ability to evolve, thus meeting market and consumer demands.

Marketed under the brand name Grindmaster, the company proper produces numerous coffee grinders. Although commercial coffeemakers are critical in brewing quality coffee, coffee beans largely determine the taste of one’s coffee. For this reason, it is important for restaurants, cafes, or cafeterias to have quality coffee grinders. Grindmaster manufactures both commercial and retail coffee grinders, each boasting their own unique features.

For the food and beverage industry, Grindmaster offers numerous coffee grinders to meet high yields. For example, the Grindmaster Model 190SS is an automatic machine that allows one to see the coffee beans being ground. One can adjust the grind settings, thus producing larger or smaller grounds depending on the desired end beverage. The long-lasting burrs ensure that coffee is ground with accurate and consistent throws. In addition, the coffee grinder is economical and dependable. The Grindmaster Model 190SS is also powerful, with a ½ horsepower engine to ensure fast and quality coffee bean grinding. The appliance also comes equipped with an unparalleled warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and proper equipment functionality.

Grindmaster also manufactures the commercial 250-3A Model. This industrial appliance is sturdy and versatile. The Model 250-3A has large, dual hoppers that allow the user to grind two separate coffee types simultaneously. Each coffee type is individually portioned, ensuring exact grinding and brewing. In addition, the machine is strong and promises equal, precise throw regardless of the coffee beans’ weight. The large burrs allow for a fast grinding time, which is ideal for busy, high-traffic businesses, like hotels. To accommodate different types of brewing equipment, the 250-3A Model has patented brew rails that accept numerous brew baskets. Like all commercial Grindmaster models, the 3A model also comes equipped with a multi-year warranty.

In addition to commercial coffee grinders, Grindmaster also specializes in at-home coffee grinders. Such grinders are relatively affordable, although they are designed to grind less coffee than their industrial counterparts. One retail model is the 835 Model. This coffee grinder is available in numerous custom colors, such as red, boasting a unique and contemporary style. The coffee grinder is user-friendly, even for beginners. In order to save countertop space, the 835 Model is compact, measuring only seven inches wide. Despite its small size, the device is still powerful and has a strong motor. The appliance is easy-to-use and comes equipped with troubleshooting guides. With its precise burrs, the 835 Model grinds coffee beans quickly and effectively. For added simplicity, the coffee grinder has separate on/off buttons and a stainless steel, easy-to-read front panel.

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