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Grindmaster has been designing and producing coffee brewers of the highest standard for numerous decades. The company’s motto is to serve a perfect cup of quality coffee using unique coffee brewers. With a wide range of coffee brewers on display, you have the choice of model to suit your needs.

The 1.5 gallon twin coffee brewer, which is digitally controlled, has two shuttles with stands and is insulated. The stainless steel container keeps the coffee hot without any extra heating. The front display of this model enables the programming of sequence for pulse brewing, percentage of bypass, water temperature, and the brew volume. During the brewing cycle, the brewing temperature is held constant (+/- 1oF) by the brewer. This Grindmaster coffee brewer has three volumes, starting from half to one and half gallon capacity, and is set up with the “teach” mode to dispense with the trial and error setup. The pre-infusion setting makes it possible for the extraction of 20 percent more coffee in a brew sequence for each batch of coffee.

With Grandmaster coffee brewers, customers have the choice to taste different flavors. The Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino special model gives you the option of more flavors to choose from, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, and milk streamer. Attractive features of this model include high impact front-lit graphics, and a function to stop power. A large size button and a dependable micro-switch enable the customer to handle the machine easily. With the hoppers installed inside the machine, you can get a clear view of the product level. This model is easy to install, with a direct link hopper drive and self-alignment pin. The 1 ½ gallon drain tray can hold more, therefore reducing the number of times required to fill it back up again. The cup guide, and the curved panel fixed to the drain tray, makes it easy for self-service. The space for cup clearance allows you to use big-sized cups. The five gallon water tank is insulated, and the all-metal body makes this Grindmaster coffee brewer more durable.

The multi-flavor dispenser model has some unique features, which make this coffee brewer an excellent choice. This model is designed to enhance the process of brewing by more than 30 percent. The collection tray for powder and moisture does not allow these to reach the vacuum motor. This machine keeps the powder mix dry due to its removal system for vacuum steam. The hopper is perfectly aligned to reduce the sound to a minimum while in operation, and the power whip turns the mixture into a creamy and delicious drink. Rinsing of the whipping chamber is easy after each brewing cycle. The whipping chamber is positioned at a slanted angle, so that there is maximum mixing of the product, and the angle prevents the product from flowing away.

With the Grindmaster coffee brewers, you are able to serve a quality cup of coffee to your customer, and maintain a fast rate of service even at peak times.

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