Why Frucosol Juicers are Best for High-Traffic Areas

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Although Frucosol is a relatively unknown brand in United States, the juicer company has gained immense popularity in Europe. The juicer models manufactured by the company are mainly for commercial use. Therefore, numerous restaurants, hotels as well as food centers use Frucosol juicers. This Spain-based juicer company is fairly new to the commercial juicer market. Frucosol began production and manufacture of their commercial juicer models in 1991. However, within a short time of its conception, Frucosol juicers became popular with consumers and the company expanded.

Today, Frucosol juicer models are available in more than 60 countries around the world. When one looks at the variety of commercial juicer models offered by the company, he or she will come across numerous simple, durable as well as affordable Frucosol machines.

To meet the demands of different consumers, Frucosol offers various juicer sizes. Most of the juicer models offered by the company use citrus fruits like oranges to make juice, as well as other orange-based drinks. There are different models offered by the company. For instance, the smallest Frucosol juicer model is compact yet very powerful. This juicer model looks similar to a small blender. It is capable of processing 10 to 15 pieces of fruits in a minute. Therefore, if one is looking for a juicer for his or her personal use, this can be the best, most appropriate model. In addition to its smaller size, the Frucosol juicer also provides home users a healthy beverage quickly.

On the other hand, there is also a slightly larger model that is able to process up to 25 pieces of fruit per minute. Most of the models offered by the company come equipped with an automatic fruit-feeding feature. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel. Therefore, it is very durable as well as easy to clean. The compact models offered by the company can be placed on countertops or tabletops. Therefore, these models are considered to be best for small businesses or for personal use.

In addition, one can also find larger Frucosol juicers available on the market today. These models resemble mobile freezers, and they have wheels for easy transport. These Frucosol models are also made of 100 percent stainless steel. These large juicer models also come with an adequate storage bucket.

Like the smaller models, larger Frucosol juicers are also capable of processing 20 to 25 pieces of fruits per minute. They also come equipped with an automatic fruit feeder. These self-servicing models function much like soda machines. If one places a cup under the tap of the juice, the machine will automatically crush and dispenses fresh juice. The juicer models offered by Frucosol are recommended for airports, gas stations, hotels, grocery stores as well as other high traffic areas.

Apart from the innovative appearance as well as the technology of Frucosol juicers, they also come with numerous health benefits. For example, fresh fruit is more nutritious than a conventional soda, and juice, unlike soda, boasts numerous essential vitamins and antioxidants.

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