Caffeine is a Stimulant for Athletes

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Caffeine is a substance, which acts like a drug to stimulate certain body functions. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, and cocoa have variable caffeine content. Like the hormone adrenaline, caffeine works as a stimulant to provide a sudden increase in physical energy through enhanced breathing and elevated heart rate. Athletes sometimes use the effects of caffeine to improve their performance.

Caffeine has a direct effect on stimulating the nervous system and activates the nerve cells. This is very important for athletes. The use of caffeine helps to prevent the loss of glycogen, which is most vital for the muscles to work efficiently. The storage of glycogen helps at the time of need and boosts the flexibility of the muscles. The cardiovascular, muscular, and metabolic functions are enhanced by caffeine, thus helping in the improvement of athletic efficiency. A sportsperson is able to get extra energy out of this effect. The use of caffeine augments the level of concentration and boosts alertness within the body. This helps to increase the body energy and reduces tiredness. For all these reasons, an athlete is able to take much more strain while training and are able to subject their body to rigorous exercise without feeling tired.

Caffeine has varied effects on different categories of sportspersons. Athletes at the racing arena often find this drug to be very useful to run at a faster speed, and they build up the stamina to complete the last lap or extra mile without having to put in a great amount of effort. Athletes who participate in sports activities, which are time bound, for instance cycling and rowing, will find themselves relaxed while putting in the extra effort and are able to withstand the pressure of competitors. Caffeine produces the boost in energy at the time when an athlete is reaching their peak level, for instance a runner has only a few minutes left to breast the tape or while participating in power events. Tennis players have admitted to a sudden burst of energy while serving for match point after a grueling four hours of play. The late burst of energy signifies the activity of caffeine within the bloodstream. Building up stamina is the backbone of successful performance in sports. To help in this matter, caffeine has been found to be very effective. Caffeine helps in reducing mental fatigue while complementing the psychological build up. Swimmers are said to benefit from the use of caffeine as it builds up the required power in the muscles and helps to avoid cramps.

In sports where an athlete is required to take instantaneous decisions, they have to rely on their mental strength. Caffeine has been proved to augment the mental prowess of sportspersons enabling spontaneous behavior, which is required at the time of need. On the whole, caffeine is a stimulant for providing energy and strength in athletes without having strong side effects. Some athletes may be barred from taking caffeine, but in some sports there are no restrictions. The amount of caffeine intake is the most important.

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