Innovative Commercial Machines from Cecilware

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Cecilware has now become a household name for their commercial machines, especially kitchen gadgets. Stepping into its 100th anniversary, Cecilware have kept to its commitment of producing innovative and customer-friendly commercial machines that have become leaders in the industry. Their Food Service Equipment, Powdered, Frozen and Cold Beverage Dispensers, and Tea and Coffee Brewers speak of outstanding quality and long term durability.

Food service equipment manufactured by Cecilware has become indispensable for commercial kitchens engaged in massive scale catering. Whatever may be the type of food, or the quantity, these commercial kitchen appliances are used for maintaining the quality of food and ensure customer satisfaction. Food warmers, griddles and broilers, ranges and ovens, and fryers are some commercial machines available in attractive designs and of superior quality. Cecilware has in its wide range of kitchen machines various hot food dispensers and countertop display refrigerators. Among the high-grade kitchen equipment, there are chocolate pumps and syrup pumps, which are user-friendly and work fast and efficiently. The condiment pumps make it easy to dispense using controls that are adjustable. Cold beverage dispensers are energy efficient and user-friendly commercial machines produced by Cecilware. Models of this range include the single and double chamber dispensers. They also produce one that can blend triple flavors. Other models of the cold beverage dispenser are the mini duo and the mini quarto. The innovative technology used by Cecilware in producing top-grade commercial machines is proved by the wide range of powdered beverage dispensers, like the hot powder cappuccino, hot chocolate, and specialty dispensers. Direct drive hoppers make these machines efficient without degrading the quality of the mix.

Colorful and attractively designed frozen beverage dispensers add to the long list of commercial machines. These dispensers are available in five models, each one having a unique mechanism. Coffee brewing machines from Cecilware have made a mark in producing the best flavored and brewed coffee that delights customers. The range of coffee brewers includes the Single Cup and Decanter Coffee Brewers, which are ideal for installation in airport lounges or other areas with high footfall. The Grind and Brew coffee machine produces quality coffee in no time. A favorite machine of the commercial coffee makers is the Satellite or Shuttle Coffee Brewers. To go with these coffee machines, other commercial machines are manufactured by Cecilware, such as the hot water boilers and dispensers, liquid coffee dispensers, and espresso machines. Grinding of coffee has been made scientific to get the best from coffee beans, but made easy for operators looking for an efficient coffee grinders. The food service coffee grinders and the retail coffee grinders display the precision and technology of Cecilware products, to transfer the pure taste of the coffee from the field right to the cup. The espresso grinders, for example, are designed to give the operator full control over the grinding process.

Professionals have always depended on commercial machines produced by Cecilware to always satisfy their customers. The manufacture proves their high standard efficiency and long-lasting durability by earning them a good name in the industry.

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