Invest in Commercial Cutlery Polishers for Coffeemakers

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For restaurants, cafes, or hotels, manually polishing cutlery can be time consuming and waste labor. Therefore, many commercial businesses invest in cutlery polishers. Although these machines are relatively expensive, cutlery polishers provide fast, efficient, and hygienic polishing. Therefore, the machines quickly pay for themselves.

One such cutlery polisher manufacturer is Frucosol. Based in Spain, the company largely specializes in commercial fresh juicers designed for the hospitality industry. However, Frucosol offers a wide range of products and accessories, such as decarbonizers and cutlery polishers. Since its inception in 1991, the company markets itself as a family-run business and has become popular both domestically and abroad. Frucosol has a worldwide presence and prides itself on its innovative products and, above all, its superior customer service. For instance, the company aims to build lasting relationships with its clients and strives to meet each consumer’s unique business needs.

For example, the Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher comes equipped with a one-year parts warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction with their investment. The machine is 100% automatic, effectively drying and polishing cutlery made of either steel or iron. The Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher is easy to operate. To start, cutlery is first washed in a commercial quality dishwasher. After washing, the clean cutlery is fed into the Frucosol SH-3000 upper entry. The machine then dries and polishes cutlery using a vegetable granulate. In addition, the Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher also removes lime marks, eliminates stains, and makes cutlery shiny.

The Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher is relatively small, and its dimensions make it useful in any kitchen, even in compact spaces. The machine is highly reliable and effective, and is easy to operate. For instance, the machine has a manual start cycle, giving the operator enhanced control. However, the cleaning process is completely automatic. This allows the operator to tend to other duties, reducing the labor needed in the kitchen and resulting in a more efficient staff. The machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and ensures that the appliance matches most commercial kitchen.

Furthermore, the Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher is more hygienic than manual polishing. The machine boasts a sterilizing germicidal lamp, ensuring that the cutlery is not only shiny, but clean as well. In addition, this model includes a cutlery collecting trey. When the machine has completed the cleaning process, the cutlery automatically dispenses into the trey. Despite its small size, the Frucosol SH-3000 Cutlery Polisher has a high production capacity. The machine is able to polish approximately 3,000 pieces of cutlery each hour.

Frucosol also manufactures glass polishers. The Frucosol SV-1000 Glass Dryer and Polisher model effectively and quickly dries and polishes glasses and cups within seconds. The process is completely hygienic and professional. The machine’s brushes are composed of natural fibers that are highly absorbent. These brushes are adjustable and can be adapted to numerous glass sizes, ensuring that glasses are dried more quickly and easily. The Frucosol SV-1000 Glass Dryer and Polisher is made of stainless steel and dries and polishes approximately 350 glasses and cups in one hour.

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