Renting Commercial Coffeemakers for In-home Use

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For many coffee aficionados, having restaurant-quality coffee at home is simply unrealistic. For one, commercial coffeemakers are relatively expensive; some machines cost approximately $5,000 or more. Aside from cost, some commercial coffee brewers are also large and require substantial counter space. Maintaining a commercial coffee machine requires time and effort, and most models require professional barista training for proper use. In addition, a commercial coffeemaker might require costly repairs after extensive use. Despite this, some coffee lovers purchase commercial coffeemakers for in-home use.

However, most people enjoy café style coffee but cannot afford a commercial machine. Instead, one can opt to rent commercial coffeemakers for in-home use, especially for large parties, wedding receptions, around the holidays, or for hosting large events. To start the rental process, one can assess different commercial coffeemaker rental companies online, reading consumer reviews and comparing rental costs. Before renting any coffee machine, one should assess the expected yield. For instance, a more intimate gathering will require less coffee than a large wedding reception.

Leasing or renting a commercial coffee brewer has numerous advantages. For one, it is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a commercial coffeemaker, and allows one to instantly attain the desired machine. In fact, even some businesses choose to rent or lease commercial equipment rather than purchase it. Through leasing, a company can better regulate cash flow because the company will pay a predictable monthly installment rather than providing a single lump sum. Leasing has other business advantages as well. For instance, the company avoids tying up lines of credit. Additionally, by renting a commercial coffeemaker, the business might use the money needed to buy the machine in different company ventures.

Likewise, renting has similar advantages for home users, such as cost effectiveness. Most commercial coffeemaker rental companies assist in-home renters to ensure that the person receives the appropriate coffeemaker to meet one’s needs. In addition, some companies provide individuals with the option to eventually purchase the commercial coffeemaker, especially when one opts to rent the machine for longer durations, like 12 months. After one has chosen the most appropriate coffee machine, the rental company usually arranges shipping and machine installation, if required. Some rental companies also provide commercial coffeemaker training and maintenance when needed.

Typically, commercial coffeemaker rentals require contracts. As noted above, one might have the option to purchase the commercial coffeemaker at the end of the contract. Other rental companies allow an individual to upgrade to a newer commercial coffeemaker model. In addition, one might also opt to continue the contract. With this option, the rental company reduces the monthly rental rate. Most commonly, however, individuals who have rented the commercial coffee brewer for a special occasion, like a wedding reception, simply return the coffee machine to the rental company.

Most commercial rental companies have enticing offers for prospective clients. However, renters should be away that typically, the coffee machine must be rented for a minimum time period, usually one month for businesses and one day for exhibitions. Regardless, renting a commercial coffeemaker is more advantageous for the home user than buying a coffee machine.

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