The Concordia 2500i Coffee System

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Based in Washington State, Concordia Coffee Systems is a leading United States manufacturer of commercial coffeemakers and coffee-related equipment. In particular, Concordia Coffee Systems is a world leader in commercial espresso machines. As a leading innovator, for instance, the company was the first commercial coffeemaker producer to develop and patent an automatic espresso machine that combines coffee grinding, coffee making, and milk steaming. In fact, the entire brewing process is completed in one simple step without requiring the barista to move the cup. Concordia Coffee Systems specializes in integrated coffeemakers that make quality espresso using coffee beans, fresh milk, and sauces. The company prides itself on its advanced coffee systems and superior espresso taste.

Concordia Coffee Systems focuses heavily on reliability, and the company believes that reliable machines start with reliable designs and engineering. Each Concordia system is designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States and must exceed rigorous quality control standards. Managing a large service center, Concordia Coffee Systems takes responsibility for its coffee machines and provides excellent customer service.

The company is relatively new and is only eight years old. Despite this, Concordia Coffee Systems has a worldwide presence, with international purchases accounting for half of its entire sales. The largest international consumers of Concordia Coffee Systems products are the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s worldwide clientele has a wide range of unique needs, and Concordia Coffee Systems services numerous users in different business segments.

Concordia Coffee Systems strives to give its clients profitability and reliability. As a leader in the commercial coffeemaker industry, Concordia Coffee Systems produces high-quality and innovative products. For instance, consider the Concordia 2500i Coffee System. This commercial espresso and hot coffee machine is completely self-service. The system is designed for use in diverse locations, like corporate offices, hospitals, restaurants, and colleges. Designed for constant use—24 hours a day, seven days a week—the Concordia 2500i Coffee System allows a business’ customers to enjoy freshly brewed coffee beverage by simply pressing a button. The machine is simple to operate and potentially profitable for cafes and restaurants.

Creating world-class beverages, the Concordia 2500i Coffee System boasts an integrated refrigerator capable of holding two different types of milk. In addition, the coffee system has a user-friendly touchpad, allowing clients to simply customize their drink choices. With the optional vending accessory, the Concordia 2500i Coffee System can operate even without a barista. In fact, the machine requires no professional training because the espresso maker houses fresh water, beans, and milk. Adding to the machine’s appeal, the coffee system takes only 10 minutes to clean daily.

With the Concordia 2500i Coffee System, customers can choose from four distinct espresso beverages: Americano, espresso, late, and cappuccino. As noted above, customers can customize their desired coffee drink with the touch of a button. Beverage personalization options include a different milk choice, a larger drink, an extra shot of espresso, and a decaffeinated beverage. While the Concordia 2500i Coffee System is an investment, the machine quickly pays for itself.

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