The Fetco Extractor CBS-2062e Coffee Brewer

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To date, Fetco, a commercial coffeemaker and associated accessories equipment manufacturer, is celebrating 25 years of excellence, experience, and success. The company is based in Illinois and was founded in 1987. Since then, Fetco has established itself as a world leader in the commercial coffeemaker market, developing revolutionary equipment for consumers. The company prides itself on its innovative designs, which make quality coffee each brew. At the same time, Fetco strives to improve safety features, simplify coffeemaker maintenance, and save its clients both time and money. With each product, the company aims for quality, reliability, and durability.

For example, Fetco uses innovative manufacturing techniques that result in product accuracy and efficient use of raw materials. Modeled after Japanese standards, the company’s failsafe production method ensures safe coffeemakers. For one, Fetco documents testing procedures and has quality control checklists for all product checkpoints to ensure state-of-the-art coffeemaker functionality and prime performance. The company is also highly efficient, cross-training employees for flexibility and cost containment. Fetco provides 24-hour customer service for its clients, addressing service issues as they arise. The company boasts a highly skilled technician force trained in extensive product knowledge for troubleshooting. These product technicians are able to suggest any needed replacement parts, ensuing that faulty Fetco coffeemakers are functional as quickly as possible.

As noted, Fetco produces innovate and highly efficient products. One such coffee machine is the Fetco Extractor CBS-2062e Coffee Brewer. A company-proclaimed “workhorse,” the coffeemaker can produce high quantities of coffee beverages. The model is the newest in the Fetco Extractor line, boasting numerous innovative, technologically advanced features. The twin brewer is operated digitally and is mobile, making the coffee brewer ideal for high-traffic areas. Equipped with the patented Cascading Spray Dome, the Fetco Extractor CBS-2062e Coffee Brewer delivers a consistent and balanced brew each use. The large-sized brew baskets are composed of stainless steel, which are specifically intended for near-constant use. The coffee machine is compatible with the company’s LUXUS dispensers, which are available separately. The Fetco Extractor CBS-2062e Coffee Brewer is ideal for large-scale businesses. The coffee brewer boasts two, three-gallon sized brewers.

Although the Fetco Extractor CBS-2062e Coffee Brewer is powerful, selecting the right coffee brewer for your business can be challenging. The right coffee machine for one’s business is large dependent on several factors, such as measurement, brewing capacity, electrical configurations, added features, and programmable ability. For example, a smaller café might opt for a smaller brewing machine, such as the Fetco CBS-2041e model. This coffee brewer is ideal for smaller companies, and is a single serve brewer. At the touch of a button, the Fetco CBS-2041e brewer makes great-tasting coffee each use. When used with the Fetco LUXUS dispensers, the company guarantees coffee that remains hot and aromatic for numerous hours.

By contrast, larger operations require larger coffeemaker equipment. The Fetco CBS-72a model, for instance, is a high-capacity commercial coffeemaker that brews either 18 or 24 gallons of coffee per hour. This coffeemaker is ideal for large banquet halls, business conventions, and hotels and other hospitality outlets.

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