The Importance of Commercial Coffeemakers for Restaurant Owners

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As an owner of multiple restaurants, I understand the importance of commercial coffeemakers. For one, a single, high-quality commercial coffeemaker actually saves more energy than multiple, in-home coffeemaker models. Other businesspeople would agree that cutting costs and going green is a top priority for restaurants. Many reputable commercial coffeemaker brands, like Bunn, Fetco, and Curtis, produce coffee brewers that have energy-saving features. For instance, some commercial coffeemakers enter an idle state when not in use. Other coffee brewers automatically power down completely or shut off their high-energy features.

I own multiple restaurant establishments, and, in each one, I have a different commercial coffee brewer to meet the restaurant’s distinct needs. For example, in my small café, I have a Bunn single serve coffee machine. The Bunn single server allows the barista to brew a single cup of unique and personalized coffee for each customer. Because the café is relatively small, this machine is perfect for my clientele. The coffee machine brews over five gallons of coffee in an hour, making it efficient and fast acting. To ensure that I conserve energy and meet the expected client traffic, the Bunn single serve coffeemaker boasts three different batch settings, ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 gallons. In this way, I neither waste coffee nor produce too little of the beverage. Regardless of the batch size, however, the coffee brewer has an adjustable bypass, which ensures perfectly brewed coffee each time.

For my intimate restaurant, I use a medium-sized Fetco coffee brewer. My Fetco CBS-52H-15 Coffee Brewer boasts twin 1.5-gallon coffeemakers. Brewing directly into the Luxus coffee dispensers, this machine has a patented “gravity dispense tube” that enables consistent water volume each brew. The dual brew basket is incorporated into the machine’s start switch, making it convenient and safe. The Fetco CBS-52H-15 Coffee Brewer is made of stainless steel, which is not only easy to clean, but matches my existing kitchen appliances as well. To personalize the coffee machine, though, I chose the handle colors, which come in black, red, green, or orange. Again, to reduce waste, the coffee brewer can brew half batches on slower days. Finally, the Fetco CBS-52H-15 Coffee Brewer is versatile and can even make iced tea.

Finally, I own a large, buffet-style restaurant. To meet the needs of this high-traffic establishment, I require a coffeemaker that can run near constantly. I opted for a self-service machine, which allows patrons to choose their desired coffee beverage and customize it to their liking. I invested in the Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System, which does not require a barista. Instead, the machine offers a full coffee beverage menu in a compact design. Customers can choose from over 150 different beverage combinations, including lattes, cappuccinos, chai lattes, hot chocolate, iced drinks, traditional coffee, and mochas. This machine houses all necessary coffee making ingredients, such as fresh milk, coffee beans, and coffee syrups. My favorite feature of the Concordia Xpress 6 Beverage System is its simple design and use. For instance, customers only need to review the menu, select their desired drink, and press a button. Then, the coffeemaker automatically brews the selection.

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