The New Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker

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Founded in 1957, Bunn is a household name, producing both in-home and commercial coffeemakers, beverage brewers, and accessories. Commercially, Bunn is a leading innovator, and the company invented the first paper filter for commercial purposes. Bunn is based in Springfield, Illinois, and for over 35 years the company has designed and manufactured high-quality and innovative coffeemakers. Of note, the company prides itself on its technologically advanced machines that produce great-tasting coffee.

One innovative Bunn product is the new Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker. The machine brews one cup of coffee at a time, and this single serve model offers the barista a unique brewing experience. For example, the Trifecta’s single cup brewing methodology allows the operator to produce a distinct coffee brew. The barista can choose the appropriate flavor profile for the selected bean, ensuing a unique and perfect result. The Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker also allows the operator to control the brewing process, and this added control results in a deep and powerful cup of coffee.

The Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker utilizes an air infusion process to enhance the single brew’s flavor. The machine has three distinct brewing phases, all of which can be controlled by the barista: wetting, extraction, and hydrolysis. During wetting, the operator controls the coffee grounds saturation rate. This control adds personalization and precision, allowing the barista to achieve the exact amount of pause and percentage of water needed for the particular coffee bean chosen. In the next phase, extraction, air enters a pressurized chamber, which agitates the coffee beans. This process results in coffee beans that are equally extracted, ensuring an even-tasting brew and a complex beverage. Finally, hydrolysis refers to the process as air forces the brew through a screen. This metal screen filters the coffee grounds while retaining essential coffee oils and the bean’s unique aroma.

Of note, each brewing phase is programmable. For instance, the barista might control the turbulence by adjusting the machine’s number of cycles and intensity. In short, this new coffeemaker aims to offer the barista more control than simply temperature and grind. Clearly, the Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker ensures an individualized coffee experience. However, because the machine is new, Bunn has not released detailed specifications regarding the commercial coffee brewer. The company has, though, created a detailed website, brochures, and pictures to promote the Trifecta.

Despite the limited information available about the Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker, Bunn produces several accessories for the new machine. For example, Bunn offers a Trifecta brew chamber, a Trifecta coffee and tea handle assembly, a Trifecta check valve, a Trifecta cup rinse, a Trifecta knock box, and cleaning tablets, among others.

Some experts believe that the Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffeemaker will fill the void created by the Bunn Clover, which was taken off the market in 2008. Reviews rate the Trifecta as a more technologically advanced Clover, boasting better lighting and distinct body modifications. For instance, the Trifecta is a solid cylinder that, during brewing, has internal lighting. offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art commercial coffeemakers. Click the blog header to view your options now!

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