Evaluating Different Coffee Filters

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Coffee filters are special coffee accessories made of paper, cloth, or gold used in brewing coffee. Some filters can be used more than once, although these are expensive. Basically, these filters are designed for holding coffee grounds as hot water is poured over them. This yields a coffee brew in the coffee pot once filtering is complete. Coffee filters are available in a wide range of varieties.

The most commonly used filters are paper filters. This is perhaps due to their availability. They are easily found in stores and their cost is relatively low. Paper filters are not only affordable, but they are also effective. They are used in brewing both course and fine coffee grinds. They are also disposable after use. Thus, these filters are thrown away after use instead of being cleaned. One disadvantage of paper filters is that they might add a cardboard-like or papery taste to the coffee.

Nevertheless, many users believe that these filters absorb excess natural oils. This reduces the strength and richness of coffee. Some people also do not like using this filter because of the chlorine used in their processing, which might not be good for one’s health.

By contrast, some users prefer cloth coffee filters. Cloth coffee filters are made of unbleached and natural cotton, muslin, or hemp. They last for about three to six months when taken care of properly. Cloth filters allow natural oils to seep through them. This gives the final coffee brew a richer and stronger flavor. One disadvantage of cloth coffee filters is that its pores are larger than the pores of a paper filter. This means that some coffee grounds will slip through during the brewing process into the pot. Another disadvantage of cloth filters is that coffee grounds may stick to them. This makes cleaning of cloth filters difficult.

Finally, there are gold coffee filters available. Such filters are becoming increasingly more popular. These gold filters are made of pure, 23-karat gold. For this reason, gold coffee filters are relatively expensive. By contrast, some filters are simply plated with gold. These are less expensive since they are made of steel that has gold plating. Gold plated and gold filters may last for several years when taken care of well. Another advantage of these filters is that no chemical reaction can take place between hot water and gold. This implies that the final brew will not have a metallic flavor.

Users of gold filters say that the filters do not eliminate the natural oils of coffee. This leads to a richer and more intense coffee flavor. Cleaning these filters is also easy because you just dump grinds and rinse the filter under running water. Their main disadvantage is that they are costly. The high cost is partly due to the fact that they can last for many years.

Deciding on a coffee filter type is important for any commercial establishment. However, this choice will depend on a number of factors that may include the money one has, personal taste, and preference.

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