Examining Fetco High Volume Coffee Machines

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When your business needs a self-service coffee brewer and dispenser system that can provide continuous service, then a Fetco coffee machine is a good option. The easy to use coffee systems are designed for a wide range of applications. Fetco makes small systems for diners and coffee shops and systems able to serve numerous people at an event. The thermal dispensers are built with technology that allows for optimum service.

Fetco coffee brewing systems such as the CBS-71 and CBS-72 utilize brewing stations that are modular in shape and are portable. This ensures easy refilling of fresh ground coffee. The coffee brewers can be used with a large number of portable and mobile dispensers such as the LBD-6C, LBD-18, and LBD-24. One can also configure a system to meet the needs of the setup location. For instance, one brewer can be configured to support up to two holding tanks and an infinite number of thermal dispensers.

The coffee brewers utilize an automatic drip percolation technique that is designed to ensure maximum flavor in the coffee being served. Percolation is a technique that involves the passing of a solvent through a permeable medium with the goal of extracting soluble constituents.

In coffee brewing, the solvent is hot water and the permeable medium is the coffee grounds. The soluble constituents are the chemicals in the coffee grounds that give the coffee its aroma, flavor, color, and its stimulating effects. The drip brewing system is designed to ensure over-extraction does not occur, which guarantees the same quality of coffee in every cup.

The Fetco LBD-24 coffee dispenser has a capacity of 24 gallons. It is specifically designed for use with the CBS -71 and CBS-72 coffee brewers. It is made from high quality stainless steel that guarantees a long lifespan. In addition, the stainless steel design is also easy to clean. The seamless full drainer liners used in the construction of the dispenser ensures there is no beverage wastage. The liners also ensure that there are no hard to reach areas while cleaning the beverage holder.

The dispenser is sold on wheels, which makes it easy to move from a brewing point to a self-service location. The 320-pound weight of the dispenser is equally distributed on its four wheels, providing ample stability while moving. The silent, easy rolling casters enhance mobility, while the press to park brakes prevent unnecessary movement after parking.

The Fetco LBD-24 is fitted with a comfortable push handle that is ideally placed on the dispenser. This allows minimal force required while moving the dispenser. It has full access lids with positive lock slides and quick turn handles. This allows for correct placement of the lid after cleaning, preventing the entry of contaminants such as dust. The Fetco LBD-24 can be fitted with either a 5kW or a 10kW heater. The ratings of the heaters are 36Amps and 72Amps at 240 volts. This heater in the coffee machine maintains a constant and ideal temperature during the entire period the dispenser is in use.

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