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Do you want to make your own tea and coffee? Do you want to have a small business like a café? If yes, you always need to have a reliable tea brewer to satisfy your customers. Without a quality tea brewer, it would be difficult to attract tea lovers to your establishment. There are numerous tea maker manufacturers competing on the market today. One such reliable company is Curtis. Curtis has a long history of producing high quality coffeemakers and tea brewers. Cutis provides innovative machines, and the company strives to produce up-to-date brewers to meet the needs of different companies. For example, Curtis is constantly updating its product line to mirror the latest technology. This article discusses the best Curtis commercial tea brewers.

Consider, for instance, the Curtis PTT3 model. As mentioned by many consumer reviews, this machine has a simple design. It does not have numerous, bold features, but the main advantage of this device is that it is reliable and durable. This tea brewer model has a 3-gallon capacity and it measures 29” tall, 9” wide, and 20.875” deep. Thus, the Curtis PTT3 model is a suitable machine for domestic or small-scale business uses. The tea brewer is durable because it is specifically designed to brew tea continuously, 24 hours a day. For 24/7 businesses like diners, airports, or hospitals, this is an ideal Curtis model.

Another quality Curtis tea making model is the TCTS model. This is a relatively larger device because it can store 3.5 gallons of tea and boasts dimensions of 34” times 10.125” times 20.75.” Compared with the Curtis PTT3 model, this model requires a higher electrical power support. It needs 1650W of electricity to power it for full functionality, which might result in a higher electricity cost for the company. Thus, businesses that want to purchase this product need to consider the long-term electricity cost. However, investing in one, high-capacity and quality tea brewer is actually more efficient than purchasing numerous, small models.

If you need to provide a continuous supply of tea for customers and you want to make the production process more efficient, you can choose the Curtis TCTS W/Narrow Servers Model. This model has a capacity of three gallons, but it has three tanks to allow separate dispensing of the tea. In other words, the brewer can make three cups of tea at the same time and support up to three customers simultaneously. In terms of efficiency, this machine reduces the hassle of waiting in line. For these reasons, this tea brewer receives mostly positive consumer reviews, in spite of the larger space requirement.

In conclusion, it might not be easy to choose between these different Curtis tea machines. Once you have identified your business’ unique needs, however, you can identify the right brewer easily. While commercial appliances might seem costly, most commercial coffee and tea brewers boast numerous features that can enhance your business and increase customer satisfaction.

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