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The kind of coffee beans used translates into the type of coffee drink you are going to get. If bad beans are used, you are likely to come up with poor quality coffee drinks. Most of the coffee enthusiasts nowadays insist on nothing but a quality cup of coffee. Many analysts say that the secret behind the success of any coffee restaurant lies on the type of coffee beans used. People are going beyond the obvious in their quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

In essence, the key requirement to a great cup of coffee start with the beans used. The perfect beans that are used to make good quality coffee are grown from the best climate and soil. It is almost impossible to overstate the significance of soil in coffee growing. It needs the appropriate climate if the results are to be impressive.

Countries that have a tropical climate are the best coffee producers. It has to be a place with regular rain and sun as well. The country must not have too much rain or too much sun. Undoubtedly, Brazil is one of the countries that boasts an ideal climate for coffee growing. This is a fact that makes it one of the largest coffee growing countries today. As a matter of fact, close to 1/3 of coffee bean production comes from this Latin American country. The country simply has the right climate and soil for the growth of coffee.

Nevertheless, the origin of coffee traces its way back to Africa. If the facts are examined, coffee bean production commenced in Ethiopia. But things took an acrimonious turn with most of the countries realizing their potential to grow coffee. To date, the trend continues and African countries such as Ghana, Kenya and Uganda still feature incredible rankings as the best coffee producers.

The number of countries growing coffee beans keeps increasing every day. Statistics show that more than 70 countries across the globe now focus on growing coffee. In South America, Mexico joins Brazil as the leading coffee growers. Close to the greater USA, good coffee also comes from the Hawaiian Islands. The Far East has not been left behind. There are great coffee beans coming from most of the islands that form Indonesia.

Bear in mind that it is not only climate and the type of soil that will determine quality of coffee beans. The altitude also severely affects the growing of coffee. Regions that have a high altitude have a greater potential of producing quality coffee beans. This is the case with Columbia where parts of the country have some of the highest altitudes in the world.

All in all, the tastiest coffee comes from Indonesia. This production is favored by the humid climate experienced in the islands. Remote islands such as Java and Sulawesi are now involving the use of advanced technology to come up with quality beans. Perhaps, this explains the reason why in some places a coffee drink is known as Java. In all likelihood, countries that receive large amounts of rainfall, scorching sun and have volcanic ash soil can grow coffee.

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