The Numerous Uses of Coffee Beans

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Coffee beans are usually used to make coffee. Coffee is a brewed beverage that usually possesses a bitter flavor. The drink is usually prepared from roasted coffee beans using machines or coffee plants. Coffee beans come from coffee cherries. The beans grow on trees in most of the equatorial countries in Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia. As a matter of fact, green coffee beans are one of the most traded agricultural products today. Despite the fact that coffee is a drink that is loved, the presence of caffeine can cause severe health problems.

Besides being used for making coffee drinks, the coffee beans have other uses that you may need to know. People have always used these beans for artistic purposes. If these beans are mixed with other mixtures, they can form one of the best artistic mediums in art. Salt and flour can be mixed with the beans to make excellent dough to be used for molding.

On top of this, the coffee grounds can also be mixed with liquids such as water to make a good paint. In almost all lithe art projects in the world, the role of coffee beans cannot be underestimated. You can opt to use the beans as texture for an art project. If you are involved in antiquing, you can use these beans as a form of dye.

Whatever the use you have for these beans in the arts, the fact remains that they (coffee beans) produce long lasting art works. This is because coffee does not come off easily from a surface,nor does it wash off easily. Lest you forget, it is also an inexpensive way of enhancing your artwork.

Coffee beans can be used to get rid of food smells from your hands. If you have been involved in heavy food preparation, it becomes hard to completely erase the food smell. Putting the coffee beans in your hands and rubbing them will erase the smell in seconds. The same case applies to the refrigerator that has an unpleasant food odor. You only have to place a bowl full of coffee beans in inside the fridge to reduce the smell.

Coffee beans can also be used as mouth fresheners. If you do not have a good freshener, you only have to put a coffee bean in your mouth and your breath becomes as fresh as ever in a matter of minutes.

Coffee beans can also be used to improve the quality of soil. If you put the beans into  plant pots in the house, the quality of the soil is enhanced as long as you do not put them in excess. Also, the beans will help to deter flies and other mites from the potted plant in the house. Coffee beans are also effective when you want to clean greasy pans. These beans have also been used to control ash dust in a fireplace. These are some of the common uses of coffee beans apart from making coffee drinks.

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