Why the Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Machine Makes Great Drinks

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Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Machine – w/ Portion Control is all you need to produce instant cappuccino. As the name suggests, this machine comes with a portion control that makes it easy to operate it. It can make cappuccino in three flavors giving you a chance to select your best. It is a machine that provides an ultimately effective way of getting the tastiest cappuccino drinks.

The style of the machine is beautiful with excellent body finishes. Apart from producing cappuccino, it is also known for excellent exterior looks. It is a digitally advanced machine that can bring a lot of revenue to your restaurant if properly utilized. One of the most inspiring features of this device is the impressive back lit display. Besides, it has an unmatchable surface that enhances its beauty. If you want to know whether you have an authentic Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Machine, check for the presence of Euro styled lines.

The machine is also simple to use because of the G3 technology involved. This technology helps to reduce the maintenance costs of the machine. As a user, you will be in a position to take full control of the blending and dispensing functions.

It is a unique machine because it has three hoppers that range from 1/5lb to 2/10 lb. It is also easy to select the preferred portion size. If you need small, medium or large, you only need to use the touch button. This makes it an easy machine to use that will not give you any hassles. Above all, it is easy to read all the details because they are displayed on a screen. The LCD digital screen offers extra bright display and it is equally easy to operate.

Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Machine is the ideal machine if you want to come up with a cold or hot beverage. It has the necessary precision programming settings that will enable you to control and make the machine give you the kind of drink you desire. The settings also make it easy to adjust the power flow as well as the water temperature. It will also be easy to monitor and control the access to programming and other important features. You only have to enable the access code setting and you will know which member of your staff was the last to use your cappuccino machine, while at the same time keeping untrained users from being able to access it.

There is no doubt the maintenance of coffee and cappuccino machines can be costly. If you are operating a restaurant, the malfunctioning of these machines is inevitable. However, the case is different with this cappuccino machine. It has diagnostics that help to sense the operation of the machine. In case there is malfunctioning or technical assistance needed, the diagnostics will show you.

Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Machine is a smooth and easy to clean machine. All the touch controls on the exterior of the machine are easy to clean. Moreover, they are also firmly attached to the main body of the machine. It makes it difficult for them to come off when you are cleaning of transporting the machine. Besides, there are limited chances of experiencing any physical damage or heat/moisture effects. This is because all the processors and chips of this machine are equipped with a polymer that is impact resistant.

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