Bunn Coffee Maker News

Bunn has long set the standard for commercial coffee makers with durable, attractive machines that consistently brew perfect coffee. Now Bunn brings its standard-setting innovation to the home coffee maker market with the introduction of two new Bunn coffee makers.

MyCafe is a home version of our popular single-serving commercial coffee maker. Trifecta is a revolutionary new brewing method for consumers based upon the Air Infusion technology proven in our Trifecta commercial coffee maker.

MyCafe is a Bunn coffee maker designed to brew you a single, quality cup of coffee or tea at home, in your office, the first time, every time. MyCafe uses regular coffee grounds, instant coffee and even tea bags. For convenience, MyCafe also uses Keurig’s K-Cups and, to reduce environmental waste, Brioni’s reusable and recyclable cup-adapter pods.

Trifecta is the Bunn coffee maker for the at-home aficionado interested in exploring the nuances of fine coffees and teas. Trifecta has computer controls so you can adjust infusion time, temperature, turbulence cycles and water pressure to fine-tune the perceived acidity, sweetness, earthy flavors and mouth feel. Trifecta also uses a fine-gauge metal filer to hold coffee grounds or tea leaves, allowing maximum flavor extraction.

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