Bunn Coffee Maker News (Axiom Coffee Makers)

Bunn’s Axiom series of commercial coffee makers incorporates Bunn’s BrewWise management technology for coffee service. BrewWISE®allows you to track the age of brewed coffee; an LCD display with colored LEDs and audible alerts keep you informed of coffee freshness. When you remove a decanter, or its freshness time has expired, the warmer automatically shuts off. This technology works with either glass decanters or Thermos carafes that have RFID chips. The RFID chips on Thermoses are coded to automatically deactivate warmers.

The Axiom series of Bunn coffee makers is designed for perfect coffee, even when water conditions are less than perfect. In high-lime areas, BrewLOGIC® technology will calculate flow rate and brew time for reliable pot levels; brewer programming is simplified by the BrewWIZARD®.

Details will vary according to the particular Axiom coffee maker, but you can count on accurate digital temperature control and easy service, thanks to electronic diagnostics and a built-in tank drain. Axiom coffee makers with three warmers have a 200-ounce tank so you can brew three decanters, one right after the other. Models with more warmers will have larger tanks. The warmers will shut off automatically, saving you money. Dual voltage is available on some models.

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