Bunn Coffee Maker News (Bunn H5E/H5X Element Precise Temperature Water Dispenser)

High-quality commercial coffee makers are an important investment for any hospitality business. However, your Bunn coffee maker will produce great coffee if you consistently supply it with high-quality water. The Bunn H5E / H5X Precise Temperature Water Dispenser allows you precise control of your water for very-high quality coffee and tea. It is particularly useful for pourover coffee makers, as well as brewing small pots of artisan teas.

The digital thermostat permits you to select any temperature between 60° and 212° F (15.6° to 100° C) for the H5X model (200  F / 93.3° C for the H5E model). You can easily adjust this temperature in the LED display. You can also program the energy saver mode to reduce operating costs during slow periods. Thinsulate® insulation ensures constant energy efficiency. Both the H5E and the H5X will produce 9.1 gallons (39.4 L) of water per hour if the input water is 35° F (1.6° C) and 25 gallons (94.6 L) of water an hour if the input water is 140° F (60° C).

A handsome, elegant machine, it is suitable for front-of-house display or right alongside your Bunn coffee makers. You may choose between stainless steel, red, copper, black and white décor.

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