Bunn Coffee Maker News (iMix-14 Hot Beverage System)

The iMix-14 is an advanced commercial coffee maker that can expand your sales not only through the range of its offerings, but through the size and elegance of its display. An LED backlit door and modern design give it a very striking presence on your countertop. Its 7” touch screen can display advertising, machine status updates and technical information.

The iMix-14 has a hot water dispenser for tea or soup and can serve up to 14 hot beverages. It requires special powder products, made by Bunn, which are stored in four 6.5-pound base powder hoppers and two 2-pound flavor concentrate powder hoppers. A 7-gallon hot water tank meets peak demand. A 6.75” cup clearance accommodates most common cup sizes.

Like all Bunn coffee makers, the iMix-14 is designed for easy maintenance. The door is top-hinged to minimize the counter space it takes up. Set-up, calibration, the auger, control board, dump valves, tank drain and whipper motors are all accessed through the front of the machine. A night mode prevents theft of product. RPM monitors on the augers ensure that the iMix-14 produces consistent drinks for your customers and consistent profits for you. A low-product detection system features audible alerts and displays a message when the cappuccino hopper needs to be refilled.

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