Bunn Coffee Maker News (Ultra-2 HP)

Bunn, a long-established manufacturer of fine commercial coffee makers, produces an excellent high-performance frozen beverage system that is the perfect complement to your battery of Bunn coffee makers.

The Ultra-2 HP has a reversing auger that improves freeze time: the higher the air temperature, the greater the improvement over standard models. For example, at 90° F, the Ultra-2 HP has a freeze-down time that is 32% faster than standard models, as opposed to 17% faster at an ambient air temperature of 70° F.

Internal monitoring of the refrigeration system ensures high performance over the long term. Cooling and serving capacity is optimized by two 3-gallon hoppers. The touchpad display makes the Ultra-2 simple to run and provides the user with cleaning instructions and a preventative maintenance guide. The sanitation guidelines meet NSF Standards 6 and 18 for dairy and alcohol.

The Ultra-2 HP is covered by two-year parts and one-year labor warranties, with a five-year parts and one-year labor warranty on the compressor and a three-year parts and labor warranty on the electronics. It is available in your choice of white and stainless, black and stainless and all-black décors to coordinate with your Bunn coffee maker.

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