Commercial Coffee Maker News (Concordia Xpress 6)

The Concordia Xpress 6 is the fastest of the world’s commercial coffee makers. It has two espresso bean grinders and two refrigerators that can each hold a gallon of milk, allowing you to offer your customers the choice of caffeinated or decaffeinated, whole or low-fat, hot or iced espresso drinks of different sizes and strengths. It also holds six different flavored syrups: chai, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, sugar-free vanilla and vanilla. The result is that this machine can produce nearly 1,000 different recipes of drinks, and do it at the rate of approximately one ounce per second.

Unlike many commercial coffee makers, the Xpress 6 does not does not require a barista to produce the perfect drink. Espresso beans, milk, flavors, temperature—all these ingredients are delivered electronically, at the push of a button, in a process that infuses flavored syrups directly into the steamed milk so they don’t settle.

No training is needed: daily cleaning is an easy, simple process that takes ten minutes. Grinding and extraction are controlled by computer, to ensure consistent quality time after time. A touchpad makes it easy for servers and customers alike to customize drinks. Capable of producing lattes and cappuccinos, Americanos and espressos, hot water for soup and tea, hot coco and steamers, the Xpress 6 will be a truly versatile addition to your commercial coffee makers.

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