Commercial Coffee Maker News (CX-2 Auto Eject Pod Specialty Drink Machine)

Newco’s CX-2 Auto Eject Pod Specialty Drink Machine is an exciting new addition to their line of commercial coffee makers. Designed as a “personal barista” for your workplace, these commercial coffee makers brew coffee-house-quality coffee, tea and a wide variety of espresso drinks from single-serve pods in approximately one minute. However, the CX-2 does not use pods for chocolate and milk, instead, it uses 2-pound bags of soluble milk and chocolate. Many capsule-based commercial coffee makers require more than 60 pods of chocolate and more than 80 pods of milk to make the same number of drinks as these bags produce. Reducing pod waste by using larger bags of powder is an easy way to be environmentally responsible.

The CX-2 is available in three designs; other branding styles are also available. This machine is plug-and-play and requires no calibration. It has 94 pre-programmed recipes and you can assign those recipes to buttons. The powder hoppers count down and reset independently and the hopper powder levels reset automatically. Water filtering options are provided to ensure consistent brew quality and power save and power down options save you energy and money.

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