Commercial Coffee Maker News (Excellenza Pod™ Single-Cup Coffee System)

A new addition to Newco’s line of commercial coffee makers is the Excellenza Pod™ Single-Cup Coffee System. Producing coffee, espresso, a wide variety of specialty drinks including mochaccinos, lattes, and cappuccinos, hot chocolate and hot chocolate milk, these commercial coffee makers also offer hot water for tea and soup. This versatility makes them ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants and other institutional uses. Indeed, you can switch the machine to vending mode at the touch of a button. Patrons can select from three brewing sizes, from six to ten ounces, and two strengths. The drip tray can be removed to accommodate travel mugs.

The Excellenza Pod™ Single-Cup Coffee System accommodates two one-pound bags of dehydrated milk and cocoa powder, rather than pods of milk or cocoa, reducing environmental waste. The environmental friendliness of these commercial coffee makers is further enhanced by the fact that they does not require paper filters and have an energy-saver mode to reduce power use.

A compact machine only that requires only 18 inches of clearance, this machine is designed to be easily and quickly maintained. It has an optional vending mode and an optional electronic scale treatment device, the Scalehammer™ to ensure consistent brew quality.

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