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New Video Featuring the Baratza Vario

The video shows how easy it is to grind directly into a portafilter. See DoubleShot with the Baratza Vario here.

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Chemex Brewer and Baratza Grinder Used at 2008 SCAA Barista Championships

In this YouTube clip, you can see the barista use both a Chemex brewer and a Baratza grinder. Not the most exciting clip, but the fact that he uses it speaks well for the equipment.

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Baratza Grinders Temporarily Out of Stock

Until another shipment arrives, Baratza will be out of Maestro and Maestro Plus Grinders. They expect more approximately October 15th.

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Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder Coming Soon

With an update to the Baratza website, and an ad in the current Roast magazine, Baratza has introduced the digital Vario coffee grinder. Now scheduled to be available in August, it will feature Mahlk├Ânig ceramic flat Burrs, dual-cam grind adjustment, …

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