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Chemex Brewer and Baratza Grinder Used at 2008 SCAA Barista Championships

In this YouTube clip, you can see the barista use both a Chemex brewer and a Baratza grinder. Not the most exciting clip, but the fact that he uses it speaks well for the equipment.

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Great Video About Making Coffee

Everyone craves the perfect cup of coffee. How to make it? Start with a Chemex brewer, then follow the advice of Arno at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco in this video from Chow.com.

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Where art meets science and brews great coffee – 10 Reasons to Choose a Chemex Coffee Brewer

It sounds scientific – maybe because it was invented by a chemist – but it also is beautiful, artistic, and it brews great coffee. Why you should make your next coffee brewer a Chemex. 1. Pure – When you make …

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