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CoffeeMakersEtc.com Announces new Coffee Club

After many years of selling coffee in various forms and fashions, from roasters far and near, CoffeeMakersEtc has finally stumbled upon a great idea – why not form a club using coffee from the best roasters in the country? That’s …

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“Coffee of the Year” to be Crowned at SCAA Convention

At their annual convention, The Specialty Coffee Association experts will determine the Coffee of the Year at the 2008 Roasters Guild Coffee of the Year Competition. The event, in Minneapolis, MN, beginning May 3, will attract coffee from over 120 …

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More Great Places to Drink Coffee

This list of America’s Best Boutique Coffees comes from Forbes and features independent shops across the country.

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

We get asked this questions occasionally, and I always remember the time I was watching a guy make espresso. He ground the coffee, and then had a slight problem with his espresso machine. The machine was fixed and ready to …

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Great Video About Making Coffee

Everyone craves the perfect cup of coffee. How to make it? Start with a Chemex brewer, then follow the advice of Arno at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco in this video from Chow.com.

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A Brief History of Coffee

• 1-500 AD – According to local legend, coffee is discovered near present-day village of Choche in Ethiopia by a goat-herder who notices his animals “dance” with an unusual amount of energy after eating wild, bright-red Arabica coffee berries. Locals …

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How Coffee is Decaffeinated

First, let’s start with a really quick history. Coffee was first decaffeinated by Ludwig Roselius, a German coffee merchant, in 1905 after he received a coffee shipment that had gotten soaked during a storm at sea. He experimented with the …

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