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Bunn Trifecta

Bunn Trifecta

With the Bunn Trifecta, you can now exceed the expectations of even your most demanding coffee aficionados by extracting the full flavor of each unique brew. This automatic single cup Bunn coffee maker-particularly critical when investing in high-quality single origin or micro-lot coffee-relies on innovative air fusion technology, allowing your operator to unlock the nuances of every individual coffee ground. At CoffeeMakersEtc, we proudly stock numerous Bunn Trifecta commercial coffeemakers and grinders, enabling you to find the best coffee system for your business. In addition to Bunn coffeemakers, we also sell innovative Curtis, Newco, and other top-brand coffee machines at highly competitive rates.

The Bunn Trifecta coffee system utilizes three unique brewing phases:

  1. The process begins with the WETTING Phase, where the barista can control the saturation of coffee grounds. Here, you can achieve the exact percentage of fill-pause and water needed for a given coffee, even specialty grounds.
  2. In the EXTRACTION Phase, air is injected into a pressurized chamber, agitating the coffee grounds to achieve uniform extraction.
  3. Finally, in the HYDROLYSIS Phase, air presses the brew through a metal screen, thus filtering out grounds while simultaneously preserving aromatics and the coffee oils.

The end result-a full-bodied, unique coffee experience that your customers will surely love!

The Bunn Trifecta comes in three distinct models and colors: black, white, and silver. This "Single Cup Brewing Experience" has countless unique design elements and features, including:

  • A solid, cylindrical appearance
  • Illumination from within when the brewing cycle is running
  • Ease of use

One of the most unique features of the Bunn Trifecta is its customization and programmability. For instance, a barista can program each distinct brewing phase to ensure a great tasting, unique cup of coffee. In the EXTRACTION phase, you can adjust the turbulence by number of cycles, duration, and intensity. The machine, perhaps best suited for the seasoned barista or a trained operator, offers you more control, far beyond basics temperature and grind.

    Product Name-   Model   Price   Buy Now 
 Bunn Trifecta G2 Grinder   Bunn Trifecta G2 Grinder   41900.0000   $989.95 
 Bunn Trifecta - White   Bunn Trifecta - White   41200.0005   $3,495.00 
 Bunn Trifecta - Silver   Bunn Trifecta - Silver   41200.0000   $3,295.00 
 Bunn Trifecta - Black   Bunn Trifecta - Black   41200.0006   $3,495.00 
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