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Portion Control

Bunn Coffee Grinder with Portion Control

Bunn coffee grinders come in a variety of models with portion control to suit a wide variety of commercial coffee maker types and models. Twin hopper Bunn coffee grinders are ideal for holding regular and decaf beans for any Bunn coffee maker.

Bunn's Digital French Press Coffee Grinder has two hoppers that can each hold threepounds of beans and it can accommodate French presses or funnels for drip-brewers. It will also accommodate a gourmet funnel for heavier weights of coffee.

Bunn's Portion Control Coffee Grinder comes in stainless steel decor and has an optional Automatic Brewer Interface. Two hoppers hold six pounds of beans each and portion control provides the right amount of coffee every time, while an automatic interface allows you to brew multiple batch sizes. This grinder will accommodate large funnels for the Airpot Brewer, Single, Dual, GMB-PS, and similar Bunn coffee machines. Bunn's Tall Grinder is slightly taller at 25" tall; in black or stainless steel decor, it has an Automatic Brewer Interface enabling it to brew multiple batch sizes.

Bunn's Digital Grinder also comes in steel decor with two hoppers, each holding six pounds of beans. You can store unique profiles for coffee grinds and three batch sizes in it, as well as operate a wide variety of equipment through a wireless link to the Smart Funnel® to brew perfect batches of coffee.

Bunn's Low-Profile Grinder is just 17.5 inches tall, 19.7" high with optional legs. It has two clear three-pound hoppers and an easy-access grind adjustment on the back. It is ideal for compact spaces.

Bunn's Multi-Hopper Grinder in stainless or black decor holds up to 6 pounds of coffee in two front-load hoppers that double as storage containers. Portion control permits you to select the right amount of coffee every time for up to three batch sizes. Its 29" height allows the Multi-Hopper Grinder to accommodate large funnels and BrewWISE® intelligence allows the Smart Hopper™ to control grinding and brewing from end to end, while the BrewWISE Recipe Writer lets you create and store recipes.

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